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  1. I know, from being in his lab he really was the last person I'd ever accuse of being racist. I had heard things about how he treated his debaters but I'd never assume it was this bad... Damn this is f'd up.
  2. Eh, I'd shy away from Policy Venezuela Aff's. All the signs point to them saying no, and then the debate would just boil down to an int. fiat good/bad debate.
  3. Middle East war leads to nuclear war London 10 [6/28/2010, Herbert, President Emeritus of Hudson Institute. Graduate of Columbia University, 1960 and the recipient of a Ph.D. from New York University, 1966, “The Coming Crisis In The Middle East,†The Gatestone Institute, http://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/1387/coming-crisis-in-the-middle-east, PC] The coming storm in the Middle East is gaining momentum; like conditions prior to World War I, all it takes for explosive action to commence is a trigger. Turkey's provocative flotilla, often described in Orwellian terms as a humanitarian mission, has set in motion a gust of diplomatic activity: if the Iranians send escort vessels for the next round of Turkish ships, which they have apparently decided not to do in favor of land operations, it could have presented a casus belli. [cause for war] Syria, too, has been playing a dangerous game, with both missile deployment and rearming Hezbollah. According to most public accounts, Hezbollah is sitting on 40,000 long-, medium- and short-range missiles, and Syrian territory has been serving as a conduit for military materiel from Iran since the end of the 2006 Lebanon War. Should Syria move its own scuds to Lebanon or deploy its troops as reinforcement for Hezbollah, a wider regional war with Israel could not be contained. In the backdrop is an Iran, with sufficient fissionable material to produce a couple of nuclear weapons. It will take some time to weaponize the missiles, but the road to that goal is synchronized in green lights since neither diplomacy nor diluted sanctions can convince Iran to change course. From Qatar to Afghanistan all political eyes are on Iran, poised to be "the hegemon" in the Middle East; it is increasingly considered the "strong horse" as American forces incrementally retreat from the region. Even Iraq, ironically, may depend on Iranian ties in order to maintain internal stability. For Sunni nations like Egypt and Saudi Arabia, regional strategic vision is a combination of deal-making to offset the Iranian Shia advantage, and attempting to buy or develop nuclear weapons as a counterweight to Iranian ambition. However, both of these governments are in a precarious state; should either fall, all bets are off in the Middle East neighborhood. It has long been said that the Sunni "tent" must stand on two legs: if one, falls, the tent collapses. Should this tent collapse, and should Iran take advantage of that calamity, it could incite a Sunni-Shia war. Or feeling empowered, and no longer dissuaded by an escalation scenario, Iran, with nuclear weapons in tow, might decide that a war against Israel is a distinct possibility. However implausible it may seem at the moment, the possible annihilation of Israel and the prospect of a second holocaust could lead to a nuclear exchange. The only wild card that can change this slide into warfare is an active United States' policy. Yet, curiously, the U.S. is engaged in both an emotional and physical retreat from the region. Despite rhetoric which suggests an Iran with nuclear weapons is intolerable, the U.S. has done nothing to forestall this eventual outcome. Despite the investment in blood and treasure to allow a stable government to emerge in Iraq, the anticipated withdrawal of U.S. forces has prompted President Maliki to travel to Tehran on a regular basis. Further, despite historic links to Israel that gave the U.S. leverage in the region as well a democratic ally, the Obama administration treats Israel as a national security albatross that must be disposed of as soon as possible. As a consequence, the U.S. is perceived in the region as the "weak horse," the one dangerous to ride. In every Middle East capital the words "unreliable and United States" are linked. Those individuals seeking a moderate course of action are now in a distinct minority. A political vacuum is emerging, one that is not sustainable and one the Iranian leadership looks to with imperial exhilaration. It is no longer a question of whether war will occur, but rather when it will occur, and where it will break out. There are many triggers to ignite the explosion, but not many scenarios for containment. Could it be a regional war in which Egypt and Saudi Arabia watch from the sidelines, but secretly wish for Israeli victory? Or will this be a war in which there aren't victors, only devastation? Moreover, should war break out, what does the U.S. do? This is a description far more dire than any in the last century and, even if some believe that it is overly pessimistic, Arab and Jew, Persian and Egyptian, Muslim and Maronite tend to believe in its veracity -- a truly bad sign.
  4. I made the thread in the wrong subforum, edited it as such and then made a new one in the correct subforum. What's the big deal
  5. Preferably one with a strong 1-off, or "long" shell. I've got lots to trade
  6. atzbo87

    Taoism K?

    Specifically one with a strong 1-off, or "long" module. EDIT: Err I thought this was in the ev trading forum, but I'll leave it up nonetheless in case anyone is interested.
  7. I really don't understand what's so wrong with running Mao...
  8. I, too, am looking for this file
  9. Fuck it I'll be 3rd panel. Neg because grumpy cat turned the case and made extinction inevitable o/w racism
  10. atzbo87


    I'm in a really bad in state circuit, and there was a team that went around beating less prepared in state schools with Consult Ashtar CP, Consult Kanye West CP (both as "funconditional" counterplans), Time Cube Spec, Ashtar Disad, Wipeout Disad, and then 2 more minutes of spec arguments. Our varsity blocks to answering all of them included a variation of "vote down the team because fuck them that's why" and for good reason.
  11. 2ac: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ghldh4lunyxmylt/2ac%20for%20cx%20debate.docx
  12. He messaged me the 1nc rather then posting it: https://www.dropbox..../1st off.docx?m
  13. Now for 1nc cx: 1. Is the fiat double bind saying that the impacts are triggered before we solve for them? 2. Whats the status of the k? 3. Is the K a floating pik? 4. Your entire K is based around this author Chengxin Pan, a Chinese author, from a Chinese University saying China is not a threat. Can you explain how this does not put forth pro-Chinese bias? 4.5. Is the United States motivated by a fear of the Chinese state? 5. Where does your impact card ever specifically say that this mindset guarantees Armageddon? 6. The impact on the K specifically gives Iraq as an example of American demonstration of hard power, but only talks about the Bush administration's use. Where does the K reference the current administration's use of hard power against securitizing threats? Is soft power also part of the mindset? 7. Does the neg recognize Chinese nuclear capability? 8. Do dams in the context of the T move water rather then ships? 9. Where does your Sancho 11' card specifically says that CAPITALISM not modern society but the specific economic system of cap destroys value to life? Are you saying that because of capitalism people have literally no reason to live? No enjoyment whatsoever because of the economic state? 10. Your Kaplan 11 evidence says the sea is the vital buffer to aggression, does that not make it important to control? 11. Does your Asian Correspondent 10 card take in account the modern political situation of NK?
  14. The bell just rang, I'll get to the last question later. You can still post the 1nc if you want.
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