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  1. Shire District, M.E. Bag End High School Baggins/Bilbo Code: XXX069 email me doc pls at fucktrolls@gmail.com
  2. DragonSlayer2461


    Could some with a Foreign Policy Magazine account send me this entire PDF? Please? Please Please Please? http://www.foreignaffairs.com/articles/42530/adam-bromke-and-kim-richard-nossal/a-turning-point-in-us-canadian-relations THANKSTHANKSTHANKS
  3. If the disabilities 1ac uses the following words, run the ableism K: - Plan: ableist against those who have learning disabilities - 1AC: ableist against 1Ns - Inherency: ableist against those who already exist in the status quo.
  4. >Implying Mao K is permutable >Implying the perm isn't a form of speech >Implying implied speech >Impaling >Impaler >Death >Implying death is bad >Implying suffering not inevitable >Implying more Kritikal ground from Nietzsche >Neg wins >Circular logic >Implying
  5. I mean drones are made by manufactured parts and manufacturing plants, which are somewhat economic. Drones-->Economic Engagement.
  6. I went to MSDI 2 Week (don't ask me who I am, I won't tell), and it was not worth the money. Although it is cheaper, the quality is not sufficient for a debate camp. 1) Although website says the camp focuses on practice debates, the debates are generally not well administered the post-round critiques aren't great. 2) The amount of learning at MSDI is minimal, and the education you do get is pretty elementary- not for the advanced debaters or 2nd year+. 3) The college debaters that semi-help with the camp blow it off and don't treat it seriously. That nulls the experience of having good debaters teach you. 4) MSU isn't the prettiest campus. 5) Compared to other camps in the midwest, like Jayhawk, Northwestern, SDI, and Kentucky, MSDI is pretty low-ranking and insufficient. However, MSDI is great for lay debating, if that is what you're looking for. That is what the camp is kind of based on, to improve MO debating. But overall, not that worth it. Go SDI or UMich MSDI SUCKS!
  7. " Occupation debate all day errday"You're a loser.
  8. Looking for a Consult Mordor CP, preferably with Mordor-Shire relations Net Benefit. Idk shit's getting crazy in Middle Earth and need to be quelled. PM Me!
  9. I was facing Gollum in the finals of the TOC a few years ago, and his 2NR was "Using the ring of invisibility is cheating and is voting issue." smh i still won.
  10. My favorite judge comment was "You need to improve your speaking." Like, honestly don't f**king tell me what to do.
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