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  1. It depends on the situation, but at my school, there is absolutely no enforcement. My coach just doesn't care. Other than that, I suppose the guys themselves could grow up... admittedly unlikely, but would be helpful. On another issue you mentioned, in order to encourage women to join, let alone stay, there needs to be more positive publicity (for lack of a better word) about debate. This in mind, I do live in Missouri-- not exactly noted for high policy participation in general, and women even less. I have debated a total of 2 girls this year, and in my district there are only 10 teams.
  2. Here's the thing about girls joining a group of people that is mostly male-- the guys will not let it go. I'm not saying there aren't great, professional, respectful guys out there. I know there are. But it isn't everyone. I am a female debater and I have a lot of inappropriate jokes told involving me by the guys on our team, and sometimes I am ready to scream at them all. Just because I hang out with a lot of guys (b/c of debate) does not make me a whore... but that's what they say anyway. THe best way to encourage women's participation is to encourage respect for us.
  3. Have I mentioned that you are one of the most helpful people on the Internet? Thanks a lot. I think I can defend this, especially in SW Missouri, where very few people actually know what they're talking about.
  4. http://www.nytimes.com/2013/02/20/us/politics/obama-to-flesh-out-plans-for-infrastructure-projects.html And a week before districts, too..... Short of writing a new aff, would it be possible to argue that this plan would fail and mine succeed?
  5. I seem to have trouble winning over lay judges when my opponents are both guys. I don't know why; perhaps the way i speak? or maybe i just suck... Does anyone have any suggestions on how to a) improve my speaking (w/o spreading) or improve my strategy? I had to teach myself CX b/c my coach doesn't understand it, so help would be very much appreciated. Thanks!!!
  6. Thanks. I'm really looking more for something like bridges or potentially airports, though. I know its unlikely to be necessary, but I need a second adv. for a ground transport maintenance aff.
  7. Does anyone have a card linking T.I. investment (particularly ground infrastructure) to military mobility/ national security? Or any ideas on where to find some evidence on this?
  8. I run bridges. Told me I was non-topical because of my funding mechanism (for the record, not deficit) and proceeded to try and run a Credit Downgrade DA. Fail.
  9. Agreed; the death of policy seems to be happening. We have started just requiring that their be two teams, at least-- works so far, but who knows about the novices?
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