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  1. When are the disclosure wiki's for this year going online?
  2. my bad. didnt see that there
  3. Does anyone have a Coal Prices da that they would be willing to trade? Pm me
  4. Does anyone have an answer to Kritik file that they would be down to trade? preferably homecut I have loads to trade. Pm me pls.
  5. Does anyone have an Imperialism K? Pm for trade
  6. Thanks! forgot about that card.... Is there anything for spill over, though?
  7. Does anyone have or know of an article that states something along the lines of "Poverty needs to be solved for before other impacts" and "Solving for poverty in one country sends messages to other governments to solve for poverty" (if that makes sense)? Thanks y'all!
  8. Hi guys, just wondering which of you have signed up so far Edit: also, what does a common day at mndi look like? Free time?
  9. Does anyone have any trivialization files (like holocaust trivialization) they would like to trade for? I have lots to trade. PM me... please.
  10. Also looking for unique k's! pm me if you have some
  11. Can someone explain to me what epistemology and ontology are and their context within debate frameworks? I am having trouble understanding the basis of these args
  12. Quick question: For the economic engagement, is that investing in a tangible plan (funding a new fed plan, provide funds to clean mexico's water)? or is it more along the lines of intangible things (ie: ending embargo, raise prices on xyz, raise trade barriers)
  13. Thanks guys! How is life like at camp? Like, how much time per day do we usually get off?
  14. So i recently got accepted into mndi (yay!) and I was wondering what to bring to camp/ know about mndi... How are summers like up north, also?Im from Louisiana. Thanks!
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