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  1. Do you flow like the entire case on one sheet? Or do you flow inherency, advantages, and solvency seperate?
  2. I'm looking for an Eminent Doman DA. I have multiple thingss to trade for.
  3. I have the one from Evazon, but I'm looking to see if anyone might have a more comprehensive one.
  4. I'm willing to trade anything for a good Adv. CPs file.
  5. Are you saying that China Fund is bad?
  6. It's not the fact that i'm going to take all of these and learn them before the tournament. I'm trying to find a K that will go with my already planned strat for China Fund CP + China Steel NB + Spending DA + K.
  7. So, I have a really big tournament coming up and I need few specific arguments that I can't seem to find anywhere, and I don't like open ev. I'm willing to trade, and if your season is over, and you're feeling generous, that's always a thing. I'm looking for: 1. China Funding CP 2. China Steel DA 3. Security K 4. Capitalism K 5. Anthropocentrism K 6. Complexity K 7. Spending DA 8. Lacan K 9. And possibly a comprehensive file of case negs
  8. Are any of these novice teams going to Woodward?
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