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  1. u get sweaty when ur pretending to be a leftist
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ajr8qQcZWPo# skip to 1:30 prep out ladz
  3. please dont use such negative hurtful images of such an amazing painter and artist for ur nefarious postings
  4. no certificate and i'm still in school so no time to coach, i just want a position where i can help out volunteering and maybe travel with the team to do assistant stuff, or judge for them
  5. hi i havent been in the community for like two years but i want to get back in. how does a college student get into judging or assistant coaching or helping teams or whatever? do i just show up to tournaments and network or what lmao
  6. a good idea to start with is not using the word crazy
  7. my dng is rusty but i think i have an opinion on this Are becomings always = to nomadic thinking/schizoanalysis? As Deleuze and Guattari explain, the process of "becoming-" is not one of imitation or analogy, it is generative of a new way of being that is a function of influences rather than resemblances. (http://www.rhizomes.net/issue5/poke/glossary.html) i don't think that becomings are always a result of or result in or are equal to nomadic thinking and schizoanalysis. there's definitely non-nomadic ways of becoming -- becoming-fascist, or becoming-anti-nomadic or basically just becoming-anti-Deleuzian or pro-capitalist. when becoming, you move from one group to another because of the second group rather than the first -- the ideas of capitalism or fascism are appealing themselves, and thus pull you into their grasp from your original location of moderate or liberal or socialist or whatever you are. however, i think that a lot of becomings are results of nomadic thinking and schizoanalysis -- by thinking for yourself and agreeing that everyone should be equal or everyone should have an equal opportunity, you think nomadically and understand the way that capitalism forces you into a striated existence, etc Can a subject engage in becomings and still be striated? i think that the above answers this as well - you can move along striations or re-striate yourself through becoming Are Nietzschean becomings micro-fascist, therefore? i have no idea about this one so hopefully the other posters did/will do a good job of answering this for me
  8. "Skeletons are real," Barack Obama said in his inauguration speech earlier. "Ghosts are real. Casper is real, and strong, and he's my friend."
  9. literally any card you find that says this is a blatant lie you're better off saying that bio-d loss is good or inevitable or not caused by humans at least some of these cards might not be complete lies
  10. i dont read it but like... lacan? zizek? just google psychoanalysis and look at the wikipedia page LOL
  11. buy maury's dng file and ur ready for 4 years of debating
  12. what exactly are the differences between these two terms?
  13. i'll judge. tab. tell me how to evaluate the round. i prefer kritiks but i'll listen to anything.
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