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    I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by teachers, with good grades and test scores.
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  1. pigasus

    Aryan Brotherhood K

    *tries to make joke about how my state is really right and people might be ok with it* *remembers that my state is where the aryan brotherhood is from and that people are ok with it* *dies*
  2. pigasus

    how to win on t?

    The only way to win T is to not run it in the first place.
  3. pigasus

    Partner appreciation

    My partner is the goat. He always helps when we steal the ballot.
  4. Wanna do a Vdebate?
  5. pigasus

    Time Cube

    This made my day omg. I heard that if you buy four of their CDs, they can make a secret message when stacked in a cube.
  6. pigasus

    Debate like it's 1980

    Ok here's a little game I'm playing at the next tournament. We're debating old school. No spreading, no cards, no extinction impacts, no advantages, just a well written and simple speech on a topical government action. Thoughts? Ideas for how to make this more interesting? How do you think people will react?
  7. pigasus

    How to beat rape Narrative Fem

    This is your best argument. I would read this, framework, and a cissexism k.
  8. pigasus

    Hypothetical Question on the Pirates Aff

    fuck. i always spell it like that. I need to work on that.
  9. pigasus

    How to get good

    Too much. Too many. We don't. I still love it though for some reason.
  10. pigasus

    Hypothetical Question on the Pirates Aff

    as a bi person who wrote a large part of that aff, I approve of you running the aff. It's not about being queer, it's about fighting against the oppression of queer people. Also, queer theorists today use the concept of queer to describe other oppressed peoples such as POC, womyn, and the disabled. Read the Mary Nardini Gang evidence about totality. They use the term totality to describe systems of oppression as a whole. This totality attacks queers, immigrants, the economically disadvantaged, every oppressed group. Even though you aren't specifically queer, you can fight back against this broader totality. One of the other authors calls this a matrix of domination I think (I dont want to go find the evidence). That being said, don't pretend to be queer and don't pretend to fully understand the queer struggle. Understand that life for queers is fundamentally different than life for straits because of the heteronormativity and cissexism in the world, and that queer theory and the queer struggle is shaped by that way of viewing the world.
  11. pigasus


    so it goes
  12. pigasus

    Deleuze and Guattari Rounds

    good luck, Deleuze and Guattari usually couldn't explain what their words meant.
  13. pigasus

    8 months later, fucking lol

    Well, in that case...
  14. pigasus

    I have an Ebola DA! Trade?

    I'm surprised to see this thread in the right forum, but i'm curious. what is this argument like?
  15. pigasus

    silly question

    dont know what i was expecting. this is how this kind of stuff goes.