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  1. Ummmm.....I don't think Heidegger's argument is technology bad..... Just because the phrase "technolog[ical] thinking" has technolo or sounds like technology does not mean it is about technology. Yes you can say that technology plays a role into it. But the main argument is that when we try to create quick fix solutions, i.e. using TECHNOLOGY to resolve global warming, is bad because it can just create more problems. So instead of resolving global warming you have just created something that "might" help but really will just create more warming because not enough thinking was involve into the thinking process.
  2. I don't think it is questionable to not be able to read a perm without a plan text. Normally a perm is based upon the action of the aff, i.e. what is the K aff questioning/critiquing.
  3. Heidegger believes that nature is part of our Dasein. First you should know what Dasein means "Being there" in German. Heidegger's argument is that we are so determined to "technological thought". Now "technological thought" DOES NOT mean our usage of technology but rather that we are always trying to be so technical with everything and within that process we are takingke control of nature. Hence, we don't let nature be itself so we never engage in Dasein. Our ontological meaning is deprive as humans towards nature. As for Introna believes the opposite of what Heidegger argues. That our rejecting of nature (Dasein) is actually good. Does this make sense? If not then just let me know and I will simplify it as much as I can.
  4. You should say to topicality: fuck your T args. I don't know why you shouldn't say that because you're already saying to fuck whatever we are trying to plan something...
  5. Sure it can! Remember, ADVANTAGES do not have to be topical. What needs to be topical is the wording of the plan text. It is only extra-t if you have it in your plan text. If someone makes a claim off of your advantages then you call them out on that! Do not let them think that you can't read advantages that what some people may call "un-topical". P.S. Don't ever think that a question is dumb, NO question is dumb! All questions are legitimate.
  6. These are many things that people forget to bring that you should make a check list: 1) your laptop charger 2) credit/credit card spare (maybe some change for laundry if they charge) 3) laundry detergent 4) enough clothes to wear incase you can't wash clothes for a week 5) yourself 6) BRING ALL THE SNACKS THAT YOU LOVE
  7. Try writing down all the things that you hear. It's hard to hear some stuff so what I do is write down whatever it is I hear and just write in abbreviations - because you know, it's a lot easier and can get more things down. Go for the key argument, you don't have to write down exactly what they say. For example if they say "This is the dirty underside of city planning where I come from – the people in power prioritize the needs of a limited slice of the transportation demographic in pursuit of a quick buck, leaving us behind in the process. Victor and I want to center this discussion of Transportation Infrastructure around the poor and communities of color who bear the brunt of the unjust nature of the modern transportation system. This problem is endemic to city planning which displaces waste and pollution into sacrifice zones occupied by urban poor and communities of color." I would write "pple w/ pwr = quick buck. Talks about TI around pple of clr who brunt unjust nature of TI. city planning = Pollution & sacrifice zones. You just have to pick out the most important parts of what they are saying.
  8. You should read this - http://hsimpact.wordpress.com/2013/10/14/methodology-competition-and-k-debates/
  9. I personally haven't been there, but I have known a couple of people who go there. After having lots of debate camp conversations with them, they have told me that they loved it and that is why they have gone there constantly and why their coaches keep sending their debaters there. Overall, I have heard many people give it a 10/10. Nothing less. When you go there this summer, tell some kid in policy named Victor Martinez that Erick said "he sucks donkey balls."
  10. I think you will best off with offense then theory. You should put up a good fight with state good and state key arguments, make that your priority arguments and then theory as second. Just make it a back up don't rely so much on that.
  11. Agreed. There is a lot of literature out there about Disney being heteronomative. Plus you can run into some double turns. Some of the Disney movies have some colonialist mindset that will put you into some bad shit deal.
  12. 1) You're just adding more reasons to why they read these kind of K affs. 2) It is not cheating, I know of many that address the resolution, just NOT the way YOU want them to address it. Pay more close attention to the argument and the ROB that is claimed. 3) FW and Cap are the not the only args that exist, there are many other K that can be read against them.
  13. One of the best books to read would be "How to Read Heidegger" by Mark A. Wrathall.
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