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  1. Oh no!!! See, I thought I wouldn't have to mangle with Fiat. Some people have told me that Fiat is uneducational because it's not real world, and then we go down the rabbit hole of Theory. Oh well; at least I retain solvency. *I just thought of saying that it's not the Aff's fault the word "should" gives me the power to be a witch and cast Ven. Oil into existence.
  2. When I was forming an answer to Alt doesn't solve for the K, I came to thinking, "Does this discourse doesn't solve argument apply to the 1AC?" Because the 1AC is engaging in discourse, so that must mean that the 1AC also does not solve. Is this right, or am I extending this beyond regular perceptions? Or is there something that says that philosophical discourse is ineffective and policy discourse, and passing of the 1AC, solves?
  3. Oh wow. Recent, and also involving the wording. Thank you!
  4. Okay, so I was planning on aiding a fellow debater maximize his impact, which is human rights violations, with a link to dehumanization. Is there any cards that say that Human Rights Violations lead to dehumanization, or should I explain a logical argument that explains it? I feel like evidence would be best, though.
  5. But for example Capitalism, how would I permute their alternative of "Reject Capitalism and the Aff"?
  6. I recently searched on the Internet how to answer Kritiks, and it seems that I am supposed to answer them by using POSTAF. (Perm, Offense, Solvency, Theory, Alt fails, Framework.) My question is: if I hit a Neoliberalism K, can't I just read some Neolib good cards as my aff response? And if I hit Capitalism, can't I just say "Cap Good"? Also, I'd like to know how to tangle the Neg with having to answer the K and not kick out of it. *How do you perm a K? I just thought that was a CP thing.
  7. So I changed my Affirmative you guys..... HSR Although that's beside the point. I am not understanding DA's, K's, and T's, and most especially the answers to those. I mean, I have to make a block for each of those! The structure is familiar to me, though: DA is Uniqueness, Link, Impact T is Violation, Interpretation, Standards (wait what is this?!), Voting Issue. Kritik is Link, Impact, and an Alternative. An explanation of Kritik would be most helpful because to me that is the most difficult because it doesn't criticize arguments, but rather, the philosophical points of view! DA and Kritik answers are scarce in my school, so knowing how to use them and how to make them/find them would be useful. Thanks beforehand.
  8. I already tried the kritik website; it didn't do anything to help me, it only confused me further. Sorry.
  9. Also, if it helps, I am on the Bicycle Affirmative, and I have this weird advantage on my 2AC. 1AC has Obesity, Global Warming (Which people used China against.), and Economy. 2AC has this added one that talks about Competitiveness, aside from the 4 from the 1AC. What the hell?
  10. So, I am kinda late in the debate season, and in the last tournament, I hit a bunch of Topicalities, Critiques, Counter-plans, and Disadvantages. Since I am new, I don't really understand what those types of arguments are, and how to work with them or against them, so can anyone explain how to argue with any of those (I seem to need most of the help with Critiques. Wait, Kritiks? :?) Also, I seem to have trouble being negative, since I am dependent on only 4 packets of information, those being: Auto Industry, Spending, The Actual Case Negative, and a State Counter-plan. What primordial information am I missing? Lastly, I've been told that basing your negative on generics is bad, and sometimes, my partner (2NC) is left with nothing to read, so we find ourselves with wasted debate time, just being forced to concede. Seriously. So, if you can help me, please, do. My next tournament is tomorrow, and I am terrified that I won't have anything to read for like 6 rounds. -.-
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