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  1. STEM Aff - MSDI 2017.docx
  2. PcsJoslinJJ


    <script> </script> Hey, so i was looking at the Dartmouth STEM AFF and im kinda confessed as to why the plan text specifies that ESSA should fully fund title II and IV? the solvency cards are kinda no the best so why specify The United States federal government should fully fund grants for primary and secondary STEM education, including an emphasis on climate change and evolution, authorized by Title II and Title IV of the Every Student Succeeds Act of 2015.
  3. Something tells me that Payton BC is going to do really well.
  4. PcsJoslinJJ


    So are we all ignoring the results from the NAUDL Championships? I just want to see the results packet
  5. PcsJoslinJJ


    What team was able to do that?
  6. Hey, does anyone know if the NAUDL has a google doc sheet?
  7. Hey i can't find the article for this card does anyone have it? Renewables destroy cables Bressie et. al 12 (*Kent Bressie – J.D. University of Chicago Law School, expert on ocean law and telecommunications , *Madeleine Findley – lawyer specializing in ocean telecommunications law, *Kristine Devine – J.D. Northwestern University Law school, specializes in cable communications, “COMMENTS OF THE NORTH AMERICAN SUBMARINE CABLE ASSOCIATION”, 5/30/12, http://www.boem.gov/North-American-Submarine-Cable-Association2/)
  8. Does anyone have the Arizona and Gonzaga Google doc links.
  9. Hey does anyone have the Google doc for the Blake tournament.
  10. Is this the same team from last year that couldn't go to the TOC because they were a hybrid team?
  11. Menza, C., Kendal , M., Rogers, C., and Mil er, J. A deep reef in deep trouble. Continental Shelf Research 27(17): 2224-2230, 2007
  12. Brooklyn Independent Debate NY/US Redzic & Weisberger. I saw them on the Blake team list but who are they?
  13. Can someone please send me the link
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