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  1. Hi, I'm writing a case about US imperialism and looking for ev specifically about imperialism in the early years of the country, (1700's and early 1800's). Thanks!
  2. TheCPisLD

    OOO K

  3. TheCPisLD

    OOO K

    Yes, OOO seems all the rage in LD right now.
  4. Does anyone have any cards/args/tips for answering the Politics DA for the current compulsory voting res. Thanks.
  5. From article: But people should still be concerned about global warming, Fitzpatrick says. "The paper in no way diminishes the extensive body of observations that global warming is happening and that it is largely due to human activity," she added. tl;dr that ain't terminal defense.
  6. Among other reasons, the k (as written above) is quite silly given that "Zedong" is Mao's first name. Seems like something you should have investigated...
  7. I think this card is mis-cited. Her name is Khazan and it was published in Aug(ust). Check the link. lol.
  8. Looking for a solid presumption file for LD. Lots to trade. PM me.
  9. When trying to understand a card, my first suggestion is to read all of it, not just the highlighted part.
  10. First rep was for being awesome in getting me that article. Second rep was for having Kant as your profile pic.
  11. Thanks, but I was wondering if anybody had a free version so I don't have to pay $40 to see the article.
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