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  1. So state got me thinking... Which schools have won the most state championships? I can't find records on this subject. Two and four speak obviously both count.
  2. Best all around team (speed and open styles): BVW Birzer/Yeamans Best Squad: BVW Best speed-style team: Birzer/Yeamans Best lay team: Blake/Sain Best Affirmative Team: BVN Evans/Jones Best Negative Team: BVW Birzer/Yeamans Prettiest Speaker: TJ Blake Fastest Debater: Jared Nelson Best 1A: Birzer Best 2A: Yeamans Best 1N: Sarah Evans Best 2N: Jones Most likely to do well next year in high school: Hard to decide Person most likely to graduate and judge: Wes Miller Best Judge: Killian, Carey Most underrated team: BV Carabello/Brower Best K debater: Jones Best Politics Debater: cant decide Best T Debater: TJ Blake Most likely to be NDT champion: Birzer Best place to eat at the tournament: T Bell Nicest debater to chat with outside of rounds: Vijay Ramasamy (for real) Best evidence: Royal 10 still Best argument: Ministry of Magic CP Best K: Security Best aff: Port Security Best excuse for losing a round: The lay judge didn't like the fem k Best writing device: Colored pencil Best medium for flowing: Your hand Best tournament for between-rounds hanging out: 2 Speak State Best human being: Ram Sivakumar lol
  3. Staley should be Subramanian
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