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  1. Post results here, if you have them - especially for Four-speaker. Two-speaker results from 5A: Octas 1. 59 C Newton (Bariel/Loeffler) def 16. 54B Blue Valley Southwest (Ayres/Hegna) 2-1 2. 63B Kapaun Mt. Carmel (Meyer/Scott) def 15. 59A Newton (McCloud/Voorhees) 3-0 3. 54A Blue Valley Southwest (Banks/Stewart) def 14. 65A Andover Central (Roy/Saunders) 3-0 4. 56B St. Thomas Aquinas (Mott/Swett) def 13. 54C Blue Valley Southwest (Davis/Oatman) 2-1 5. 73A Shawnee Mission South (Monaghan/Owen) def. 12. 62B Topeka West (Baker/Bodenhelmer) 2-1 11. 54D Blue Valley Southwest (Fry/Schrag) def. 6. 59D Newton (Jantzen/Kandiola) 3-0 7. 56D St. Thomas Aquinas (Bertels/Ruisch) def 10. 53D Shawnee Heights (Domme/Holden) 3-0 9. 67A Goddard Eisenhower (Crist/Harrison) def 8. 53A Shawnee Heights (Copeland/Loy) 3-0 Qtrs 59C def 67A on 2-1 73A def 56B on 2-1 63B def 54D on 3-0* 54A def 56D on 2-1* (* broke bracket to avoid 54A and 54D hitting in the 3-11 pairing) Sems 59C def 73A on 2-1 63B def 54A on 2-1 Championship 59C def 63B on 2-1. Apologies for mis-spelled names. Congrats to all state-qualified debaters who competed and their coaches. Thanks to all the coaches who helped in tab and to all judges who made it happen. Stingers up to Kelly Thompson and the HHS community and students for a tremendous job of hosting. Jason Hibbs Arkansas City HS / KSCA 5A Representative
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