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  1. I'm currently debating in Kansas as a senior in High School. We mainly do fast, rather traditional debate, but can sometimes go kritical and sometimes have to go very slow and lay to deal with our wide range of a judging pool (everything from Republican dads who've never seen debate to KState debaters). I've made round nine at the NFL national tournament last year and placed well at state and other competitive tournaments across Kansas. Next year, I'll be moving to Pittsburgh to attend Carnegie Mellon to play football. While I won't be continuing my debate experience at college, I am hoping to be able to stay involved with the great sport at the high school level. As such, I have a couple questions that if anyone would help me with, would be great! 1) What is the predominant style of debate in the Northeast? Is there quick, traditional style debate, or is is mainly national circuit/progressive type teams? 2) How easy is it to get Judging jobs in the Pittsburgh area? I'd like to think I could be a rather good judge for whatever style necessary and it would be great to make some extra money on the weekends. 3) Does anyone have any contacts I should start with in trying to find places to judge (or possible help assistant coach)? Thanks for your help!
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