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  1. Anyone down for a throwback round on the oceans topic? Pm me
  2. For those following: magocalbeanie can't continue so we are calling this debate off
  3. 2580 words, you can have some extra in the block Here is the 2ac
  4. Im not judging, but just a word of improvement dor both sides- A lot of the case debate in the 2nr/2ar went down like "aff/neg conceeded this- too expensive" and that was it. You need to dig to the next level of analysis and explain why that implicates or supports your position and why that is relevant Compare your warrants, yo..
  5. T 1) im still confused- how is the p-text worded abusively? Imp 1) if its a da, where's the uniqueness? Why will the plan somehow make this worse? 2) are the aff's impacts true? Cap 1) cool, how does cap solve ooo? Why is that mutually exclusive w the aff? 2) ya, how is cap a root cause of anthro? Warrants, please. Then what about rejection in this singular instance is key? Pic Will you claim spillover to solve or is it just you? Why does using the usfg shut out you from being a free-thinker? After those, 2ac should be good by tomorrow night
  6. General Status of advocacies? T On the fx, 1) Whats bidirectionality? 2) What do you mean we arent an actual increase? Imp What is hegemony and how it the aff a form of it? Whats the alt for this k? and how does it solve the environment link? Only links are the boesa card and environ managerialism? Hoggett is in the context of US militarial security efforts (Bush's war on terror, government imprisonments, Cold War rehtoric, etc.). What about the aff makes this worse? What about the aff is paranoid politics? Are our impacts true? Should we just leave them be? Cap DeFazio is an indite of scholarship drawing a line between human/non-human. 1) how is the aff a form of this? 2) how is this a link to cap? Give me a warrant from Cole that talks about how our method is bad, please. What about the aff increases capital? A lot of your evidence seems to indite the physical exchange of money, not the transfer of ideas. How does the alt solve for anthropocentrism? What does the alt lead to? we reject in this instance then what?? How does it solve defazio? Apply the root cause debate to the aff, State Pic 1. will you claim a spillover or just you doing this? 2. what are the tangible impacts of this? 3. Why is an individual relationship impossible under the aff? Fiat "Abuse" 1. Where do we fiat solvency? 2. how is the "Hydrologic Sciences Program for education" the same hydrologics referred to by our Neimanis evidence?
  7. 1) We will defend that the form of education alloted by the plan is the best method of solving the issues present in squo education. Our Watson wright ev says we need an interdisciplinary approach which hydrologics is able to provide.. You'd have to win that our education is somehow mutually exclusive with other forms of education models 2) sure 3) that the aff is a good idea for resolving the things outlined? 4) "wildlife ebbs and flows on the edge of extinction" "biocidal war externalize" "destroy nature" 5) by intermingling education about hydrologics into the schooling curriculum. This will show how water is able to explain different occurrences and see connections between subjects/objects and how those connections shape and dictate the world around us. 6) in a sentence, sure 7) the amalgamation of all the watery bodies (other question I forgot). Question 1 answers this pretty well. We will say that we alter the way humans relate to nature and the world around them via the education mode. Our ev talks about how these anthropocentric tendencies are something that can be "untaught" from thebstudents 8) but we will defend both: - we usher in a new form of development -education is exploration 9) not the same type of framework the aff refers to. Debate itself doesn't create a curriculum for hydrological education 10) takes place in school and solves by teaching the ways on interconnectedness via email he medium of water and how that interacts with the non-humans 11) mai talks about how the feds need to provide the support for the state level and how states alone are unable to make the changes on their own due to funding and implementation issues 12) because we change how we interact with nature by ushering in new relations for us and the next generation of students. Even if we can't solve in time, doesn't mean the aff is a bad idea.
  8. Shucks. I better quit debating now and move out of the country
  9. Word Count 2500/1600 Need judges please 1ac posted below Open for cx 1ac vdebate.docx
  10. MCat


    I have a small framework file
  11. I love you 5ever
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