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    Lol yeah, I'm Miro's 1N and I can testify that flashing just didn't work out during that round.
  2. What college did you go to Snarf?
  3. Spectrality K Topikality Transnational Labor Solidarity CP Fasching War Narratives K
  4. It will, I just have no time so CX will be up by tomorrow evening
  5. banjodude

    Kritik list

    Suffering Commod K Speaking evil (baud) Astropolitics
  6. 2ac is up! https://www.dropbox.com/s/b6lhgudke0gywhv/2ac%20vdebate.doc
  7. You're good. 2ac should be up by wednesday/thursday. I'm doing community service tomorrow and have too much hw tonight.
  8. On the K: 1) Status? 2) Is european thought bad? Why? 3) What does "dewesternizaton" look like? 4) On Grosfoguel: So coalitions of every form are eurocentric? Why is ours specifically? 5) Why is the american "man" key? 6) What is "semiotic struggle"? 7) What is "modernity"? 8) What is "coloniality" On T: 1) Why arent we long term and structural... 2) Don't neoliberal corporations control the behavior of states? 3) Isn't trying to directly influence the way Mexico does its thing pretty colonialist? 4)What speecific ground do you lose? You just listed 3 different types of off case positions. 5) Why is changign the behavior of a state specifically key to limits, not strucutral long term engagement. Solvency: 1) Is state engagement always bad? 2) Is talking about what we think the state should do the same as "egocentric identificaiton with the state?" Pourquoi? 3) Should we never talk about policy? 4) What's the warrant on jackson?
  9. Sorry if answers are blippy, i'm bloody exhausted today
  10. 1ac is up! https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/2644675/1ac%20vdeebait.doc Looking for judges...
  11. Gonna assume this was directed towards Hannah who has Vandy across the street (thanx google maps) as opposed to me who has the university of the District of Columbia 1 metro stop away
  12. Happy birthday Chomsky jr! Also Hannah come to the dark side and become a k debater
  13. Yoyo I'll go aff. Me and Miro prolly shouldn't do a v debate because we go to the same school so we can do it anytime lol Edit: autocorrect
  14. Yeah probably k lab, I guess I'll meet you there It's literally a 20 minute metro bus ride from my house lol. Best to stay in DC
  15. You going to gtown Hannah?
  16. Awesome Lao. Yes the latest post is the response to the bankey thesis but that too can be helpful (don't know specifically what you're looking for ) along with earlier posts.
  17. Check out resistanceanddebate.wordpress.com it's run by Shanara, Amber Kelsie and a few others. Also the contemporary argumentation in debate journal might interest you on the ceda website.
  18. banjodude

    Oceans Ks

    It took on a new form for a year
  19. Miro do you mean at the moment people who do debate or ever?
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