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    OMG it even has a project performative debate in this with Jasmine! GO Jasmine!
  2. They're beating antiblackness teams with their version like they beat Kansas with it at a few tournaments I believe
  3. I was watching the 2004 NDT documentary, and it said the Louisville project was used by CSU Long Beach, CSU Fullerton, and the University of Louisville. How has debate changed since the early 2000s?
  4. Kansas vs Georgetown Finals!
  5. That I don't know. I don't even know who owns this site right now
  6. Because the owner of the site stopped paying them
  7. Why won't Harvard let us stream their debates :( !
  8. Harvard doesn't like being streamed. The only round I got of them being streamed is Semis of Shirley this seaosn
  9. Harvard is top seed now. Let's see if Harvard drops a ballot
  10. Well actually this round will decide if Northwestern CE can beat PS
  11. Well can Northwestern CE beat Oklahoma PS or Harvard? I think Harvard will be top seed, they haven't dropped a single ballot
  12. I don't know what happened to Rayvon Dean, but Charles has been debating with Williams for like the previous few tournaments
  13. OU PS and Harvard MS both haven't dropped a ballot. Who do you think is going to be top seed? Who's going to win the NDT this year?
  14. Q and Hemanth was in that finals. If they hit each other before finals, Q might not make it to finals
  15. I'm excited for this NDT finals. I wonder if Q can make it. I know she made it a few years ago
  16. Throughout my years of doing policy debate, I realized that every year, Cross-x.com starts to die more and more. WHen was this site more active, and what happened to all those active users?
  17. Dang that sucks. Why is Iowa GL not eligible for the NDT?
  18. Oh. That makes a lot of sense. Bellarmine does have really good coaching and resources so it would make sense for them to be this good.
  19. The United States federal government should stop all deportations, and provide plane tickets for deported individuals along with housing and food to come back to the United States Trump would obviously hate the plan, and the GOP will hate it too but if you make it critical, then that doesn't matter I don't think this would be topical either, because of the word legal immigration How about this: The United States federal government should lift all immigration restrictions and allow everybody in the world to come into the United States
  20. I haven't been active in the debate community since early 2015. How did Monta Vista PS just come out of nowhere, and win like every final round of the tournaments that they go to? Do you think that they're going to win the TOC this year?
  21. Wait Iowa GL is a hybrid? I thought Sam Gustason went to Iowa or transferred there at least.
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