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  1. there is no solvency advocate. it's like mexico is there they're not developing it US can develop it mexico should develop it not "US and mexico should work together to develop nanotech"
  2. no i mean like the best in each field like k - cap disad - ptx cp - states etc
  3. cp/da/k/T arg? da is obviously politics..but what about the rest?
  4. You know how there are usually 2 team limits to competitive tournaments such as Greenhill, St. Marks, grapevine, etc. Do you think it's unfair for the 3rd team that never gets to go to these tournaments? I'm just curious. I'm fine with this 2 team system, that way great schools don't spam teams and flood the brackets, but I seems kind of exclusionary also how the hell did GBN send 4 teams to greenhill
  5. the united states should stop being capitalist with mexico
  6. what do you think about this plan text "the USFG should stop being capitalist"
  7. i did the toyboat drill everyday since this post was created. i can now top 940 wpm for the 1ac
  8. or can you just make up a plan text, even if it's very abusively utopian?
  9. looking for these files - on the neg. please don't copy paste from open ev 1. capitalism K file 2. buddhism K file 3. dualism (environment) K things i have to trade: homecut cuban aid aff, a HUGE compliation of impact defense (that's actually usable), alot of unique K's (myth kritik, violence kritik, apology kritik) that you won't find on open ev, 800 kb huge niezche file, a 2ac file that I put together this year (has answers to 40+ das and cp's)
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