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  1. PM me as well if you are willing to trade some da's
  2. I've looked around for a while but couldn't find a good one.
  3. yeah this is really helpful thanks
  4. I need help coming up with some impacts to science diplomacy.
  5. What about a genealogy on guantanamo bay over the human rights violations the usfg has done to prisoners.
  6. This would make venezuela hate us even more. And wouldn't this cause china, who is really expanding its relations with venezuela especially with oil trade, to also get really mad at us as well. And what would the solvency for this be. It doesn't seem like there would be any.
  7. I am looking for a wilderson kritik file. PM me and we can set up a trade.
  8. Aff seems like a good k aff. I have been reading on this subject and i have noticed that the sex trade is actually good for the economy in Cuba. You'll need a way around how by stopping sex trade, you are hurting the economy. What I suggest you do for this and for a topicality for not econ engagement is say we are topical because we are engaging in cuba's economy except we are creating a negative effect on it by stopping slave trade (because the topic only asks for economic engagement, it doesn't specify whether it has to benefit or hurt the economy you are engaging in). A lot of teams might just run some type econ disad against you, but you with still outweigh because you would solve for sex trade which would have a deontological impact (dehumanization). There are tons of cards out there saying why you outweigh because you solve for sex trade even for one person. I actually have a human trafficking advantage for my aff so you can pm if you need some stuff for your aff. But you have to look into if the cuban embargo might limit your solvency or actually be used against you as a no-solvency argument.
  9. I've got a finished one. PM me and we can make a deal for it
  10. k0507113

    Aff Idea

    this aff idea just doesnt make that compelling of a case. It is open to a large amount of k ground (neolib for sure) and the solvency seems pretty shady to me. Not to mention the article says that Venezuela, Argentina, Bolivia, and Brazil all said no to it because of the increase in global poverty it presents.
  11. nie like the work kneel without the l and tzsche like the first syllable of the word chubby.
  12. Dude, I have never heard of either one of these.
  13. Bau like the word bout without the t, dri like the word real with a d in front and without the l, and llard like the word yard.
  14. Has anyone got something on military affs for next year. I have been looking around but there isn't much that has showed up. I am looking into mexican navy and venezuelan air force. It seems most literature is on one of those two.
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