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  1. for UIL they will be called like Austin LBJ i think
  2. *kayne voice* look I love Lindale and all and I'm going to let you finish but Yao Yao run's his squad like a regime and this will be there year to win state (5A) also in 6A - Katy Taylor AL will make a killing. They we're very close to winning last year, although I will admit that Austin SFA has a way better chance due to their better ability to adapt.
  3. I literally have not been keeping up with teams enough to see who even qualified to state this year so I will make some generic predictions. In 1A-3A I predict stock issues with the combination of the politics DA is the final round winner. In 5A-6A I predict someone who deserves to win state will get beat in the early rounds for something stupid like "under covering case" even though the only case arguments on the flow will be defensive or for "not adapting well enough". And who even is in the new 4A conference? TLDR; a bunch of jumping and I hate the new conferencing I wish I was back in 3A.
  4. didn't you all know that K debate makes novice's quit debait?
  5. lol @ Mickey with the troll Actually I never said this and I go to a 2A high school with limited funding and resoucres so I don't appreacte you making assumptions about me.
  6. Actually you are 100% correct about this I was seriously in the middle of the practice round at camp waiting for the 2AR to speak and I was like in the zone idk And I was super pissed about this post so I prob didn't say what I was trying to say correctly but this is still a serious problem and yeah tldr; Snarf is right but sterotypes are wrong and I still take offense (Also I would like to add that you should disclose your 1AC anyways, that's not a West Texas thing that's a good debate thing)
  7. This is so freaking steorypical and I really take offense to it. Like I made it farther than you did at the UIL state meet and I made it to TFA state and I ran Nietzsche in finals. Sterotyping is infenintevily regresive and your discourse on this subject is really offensive to most people and expands farther than you realize.
  8. Yeah for those who didn't get the information/aren't on facebook it's as quoted: "f you wish to participate in the codesharing project, send an email at your earliest convenience (the earlier the better, so you will have more of sunday to prepare for the teams you're facing) to nflcodes@gmail.com that includes: 1) your team code 2) your school name 3) your school's state 4) your names as soon as you send over this info, we will share you on a private google spreadsheet that has the codes of all the folks who are participating. to preserve reciprocity, we ask that you only share your squad's codes, not those of other squads you happen to have debated. of course, you should encourage everyone to participate as much as possible and get the word out -- the more people that opt into this codesharing the better it will be for everyone. in previous years we have managed (fairly consistently) to get code lists for 70-80% of the teams at the tournament, and we hope participation this year will be comparable. please spread the word as much as possible, especially to folks within your district/state."
  9. Explain your threshold on OOO in your words to me in ten seconds When you say "The ballot asks the judge to decide who has done the better debating. " what is your way of defining a good debate? Your Rescher evidence is tagged “Priorities are on processes, not products†what does the process look like?6 What exactly is your advocacy statement? Why should a judge vote aff? What is “Mechanistic materialism†What does the world look like post voting aff? Where does your Cobb & Griffin 12 evidence ever actually indicate what you tag?? Are you willing to defend the entire discoursive level of the 1AC? I am pretty sure I know what my strat will be but I will wait to conform once we get judges.
  10. You should learn to read the full text Cody.
  11. Anyone up for a round still? I will let you decide the side you want to be so.
  12. I will judge: I am down down for anything except role of the judge/role of the ballot argument clash are some of the most effective ways to win my ballot.
  13. I will take a glazed donut with a side of a way to access the wifi at your high school please
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