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  1. i think manny is the 2n. reece is super fast.
  2. sorry, probably should have given context. I know charlie from camp.
  3. charlieH from new trier, White kid?
  4. "small teams try to even the playing field by not posting things on wikis. " I think this approach is bad. Are the only big schools Westminster and Pace? Like if you're not a big private school then you don't disclose? The advantage of not putting stuff on the wiki is prob bad because it prioritizes the W over the debate. Other teams having a shit ton of coaches is inevitable. If a team has a lot of coaches putting out a lot of files you should be prepared to beat even the best arg. obviously quality>quantity determines because even the richest kids can get spread out. Westminster kids will have 2 coaches putting out a neg to your aff but their best arg could be the same as a small school's best arg. What about small schools who debate small schools. Is nobody being prepared a good thing?? Edit: sorry to answer the part i quoted. In my opinion cites should be like this and if someone emails you asking for a full text you should give. a.) Interpretation: Substantial means at least 50% changeUNEP 02 (United Nations Environment Programme, 2002, “Global Environment Outlook 3”, Ch. 4, pg. 398, http://www.unep.org/geo/geo3/english/584.htm, accessed 7/4/14, BCG) Change in selected...are recorded separately. I'm not calling anyone out lol
  5. ethank

    Card Cutting Ethics

    Yes, I know that the word is being used as a verb, but I think it's probably good if we push away from using it. I wouldn't use bitch for a female dog, because of its meaning outside of its denotation. I can always find another ptx link but I was just wondering opinions.
  6. I am of the opinion that changing words in cards is bad. If you are quoting an author who is racist by reading his/her writing, you should not be allowed to delete objectionable parts. I was cutting this article: http://www.reuters.com/article/2010/02/03/us-usa-biofuels-congress-idUSTRE6124L720100203 One warrant is "Critics say federal attempts to constrain emissions of greenhouse gases will result in higher petroleum prices and retard U.S. growth." I know that the [likely] ableist language the author uses is probably bad, but I am just looking for opinions on the ethics of rhetoric changing.
  7. I hear Hirsh has some opinions about pol cap
  8. lol. I think the person who underlined "from a straightforward, frontal view, appears a blurred spot, assumes clear, distinct shapes once we look at it "awry," from aside." is trying to spin, straightforwardness as plan vs k. Method debates can obviously be more complex. The permutation is the distortion that Zizek is talking about, though contextually he's probably not talking about politics.
  9. ethank

    Favorite K's

    my personal fav is the states CP
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