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  1. I prefer classical or jazz. Other kinds of music will distract me.
  2. My debate coach is making me a captain. My partner and I and two other kids were the first policy members of our debate team. My coach says that he wants to take in eight more freshman for next year. Because CX is has such a jargon to it and such a different culture, it seems unlikely that the senior debaters will be able to help them much. It seems like the other captain (we call them "sponsors") and I will have to train 8 new freshmen next year. Any advice on how to do that? Any help would be appreciated.
  3. thanks a bunch! these will be useful.
  4. I second dancon25's post. I found something that could be used for structural violence but I don't know the official cards.
  5. I'm organizing a Pedagogy K mostly from Paulo Freire's "Pedagogy of the Oppressed". It will say that the current system of education in Latin America is oppressive. I doubt if I could include anything about structural violence because a poor system of education isn't really preventing a basic need. I could try to tailor the Gilman 83 evidence to my needs.
  6. phrased incorrectly. I already have an oppression impact but I need links to larger ones. for example: "oppression leads to devaluation of human life" or "oppression leads to extinction" ect.
  7. Hey there. I'm writing a kritik currently and I need some help finding impacts to oppression. Any kind of poor impact is appreciated. Thanks.
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