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  1. Coconuts

    Process K

  2. Coconuts

    Link of Omission: How to defend it

    Those arguments aren't links of omissions. A link of omission is literally that; a link based off of omitting something. Those arguments are predicated upon acting within the system while propping it up. The argument is not that "you didn't question gender while engaging in IR, so that's bad" but that "Your participation within IR without a questioning of IR means that you are complicit within the violence and reify that violence."
  3. Coconuts

    Michigan KM

    That damn Carter Levinson kid with those damn Michigan KM people
  4. I've been to Gonzaga, MSU, etc. and I can tell you that Michigan is the best. Top speaker at both the Michigan tournament and GBX tournament was a 7 weeker.
  5. Coconuts

    HS 2016-17 policy topic announced

    I mean they like won the TOC or something Hopefully better than the LA topic.
  6. Coconuts

    Best strat vs Queer Theory Affs?

    Queer theory is a discipline, it is not an aff. You need to be much more specific.
  7. Those are your links. Your links are the best cards a K will ever have, and you should apply the warrants and impacts in the context of the permutation. If you get the tag and the cite for the perm answers I can find you the specific cards Spurlock read. (I'm too lazy to actually watch the video)
  8. 7 Week is the best camp, hands down. That should be the #1 camp you want to go to lol
  9. Coconuts

    Strong affirmatives

  10. Coconuts

    Aff Answers to Nietzsche?

    This is an internal link debate, perms don't make sense. It's a question of whose thesis for acting within the world is correct.
  11. Coconuts

    Aff Answers to Nietzsche?

    May 5 is the best card I've seen floating around debate to answer Nietzsche. The 1AC is a joyous experiment in loving life - the attempt to alleviate suffering in the world is not an attempt to rid ourselves of the worlds we have, or blame it for our condition, but an active attempt to love this world, and strive to love life and protect it. The very act of acting in itself is a beautiful thing that values and loves life, providing agency and resolving ascetisism/ressentiment.
  12. Coconuts

    Queer Suicide Bomber Alternative

  13. Coconuts

    Queer Suicide Bomber Alternative