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  1. all these changes to MY cross-x.com!?!
  2. The owner is David Robinson. Ive contacted him before by email, but that was shortly after I had messed with the site so he was probably more responsive.
  3. Probably, how do you propose enforcement though?
  4. They don't respond to anything anymore. Haven't for some years
  5. These are called NIBs (necessary hut insufficient burdens) in LD and a number of articles have been written about this on LD websites I would say in policy this is a no risk move
  6. Miro


    In the spirit of healthy free market competition, here's a free 300 page highlighted dedev file with extensions.
  7. I don't think Cross-X is quite done yet and still has lots of valuable discussion. That said, I would also like to put in a positive word for /r/policydebate (full disclosure, I am part of the modteam). I don't really use discord, but from my understanding I don't think that the discord and subreddit really trade off with each other, but rather fill different roles. That's actually why we link to the discord on the subreddit sidebar, though I'm not sure if the discord does the same vice versa. I think that Discord has some really strong potential for vdebates and casual discussion about debate and from what I've gathered from the above posts, some really interesting resources. That said, discord and other chat mechanisms are a much bigger departure from forums like CX and thus risks losing some of the benefits, things like long advice posts and more in-depth discussion. The discord is also a few hundred people smaller than the subreddit. Another advantage that both /r/policydebate and probably the Discord also have over cross-x.com is responsive modteams that takes concerns of users and reports seriously. I encourage you to check both of them out! As some examples of things that /r/policydebate has to offer, there's File givewaways In-depth topic discussion Detailed research tips from college debaters/coaches 1 2 And of course, memes
  8. Oh no, I was just informing people as to where to direct their thoughts.
  9. David Robinson is the owner of this site. And I know that it doesn't match everything this site has to offer, but the /r/policydebate subreddit (which, full disclosure, I help moderate) is relatively active and could be somewhere to migrate to if cross-x goes to shit.
  10. Meant Snarf's reply to you. I'm from the most liberal place in the nation statistically (DC) so yes I'm aware.
  11. Tbh there are so many cap files already out there. Are y'all looking for Cap v K or Cap v Policy?
  12. Further, is the purpose of schooling to improve general intelligence or domain specific knowledge, the latter of which is arguably more important to social mobility.
  13. A bit swamped with psets right now, but I'll make the point against "showing gaps emerge in under 5 year olds strongly suggests an important role for genetics in explaining SES" that by age 3, there is a 30 million word gap between children from the wealthiest and poorest families. Obviously your point is still relevant to the education intervention, but I don't think it's sufficient to strongly suggest a genetic source of SES intelligence gaps. Twin studies are sufficient to suggest a partial genetic source for intelligence though.
  14. I think external validity loses this card the debate. I think the article you posted in hat-tip encounters the same issues that other defenders of scientific racism encounter, namely the difficulty in distinguishing environmental and genetic factors.
  15. I'm guessing small claims would also work and avoid the lawyer issue but IANAL
  16. Here's a K aff I ran on the gun control topic in LD two years ago: https://www.dropbox.com/s/k7r15occeost6c2/Aff-Neolib%20v2.docx?dl=0 It was undefeated up til the TOC
  17. If you're spending 8 minutes on an argument in the 2NC, you want to start doing your usual 2NR shit earlier: that is, closing doors. Anticipate the arguments that the 1AR might make and pre-empt them. "They might try to say [xyz, there's no topical version of the aff because they can't go through the state] but ... insert here" You can even go a step further by setting the criteria of their response and weighing the importance of your argument: "They are going to say [xyz] but [my pre-emptive response]. They need to explicitly address this issue in order to win [xyz] argument"
  18. I didn't even know Harvard had a debate camp and I go there. DDI is well respected
  19. The actual substance of the K as opposed to overview or some other tangential argument like framework Dk about the search question, but a thumper is a big event that has happened recently that would have already triggered the ptx da impact and thus nonuniques it.
  20. This ethos of play argument isn't new and is just as bad as when it was first made The framework debate has largely moved beyond limits good vs limits bad and they have no reason why the limits on their interpretation vs your CI are uniquely key to play
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