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  1. Best all around team (Speed/Lay): SME DW Best Squad: BVN/SME/BVSW Coach of the year: Mr. Thompson Best speed-style team: BVSW FH Best lay team: BVN CE Best Affirmative Team: WEast BK Best Negative Team: BVSW FH Prettiest Speaker: Vijay Ramasamy Fastest Debater: James Wu Best 1A: Jacob Hegna Best 2A: Yash Kamath Best 1N: Chris Fry Best 2N: Henry Walter or Ali Most likely to do well next year in high school: BVN, WaRu, BVSW, SME, BVW Best Judge(s): Brian Box, Skoglunds. Most underrated team: BVSW GD Best K debater: Riley Crane Best Politics Debater: Vijay Ramasamy Best T Debater: Jacob Hegna Most likely to be NDT champion: Chris Fry Nicest debater to chat with outside of rounds: Kelly and Yash Best evidence: Bruce 96, The Alt solves the case Best argument: Security and the "The" PIC Worst argument: the"The" PIC Best aff: OSEA Best excuse for losing a round: The Negative team is half-stepping their arguments. Best tournament for between-rounds hanging out: DCI Best human being: #TheNextPKen
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    In order of importance these are the arguments you need to beat dedev 1. Growth Sustainable (Technology is usually a panacea to many of our problems, history proves) 2. Growth is good 3. The aff's impacts aren't resolved by the dedev alternative 4. Transition wars happen and will make us extinct 5. Growth Inevitable/Alternatives Fail 6. Other countries can just take over. It isn't very easy to prove that a country like China wouldn't take over our land and resources if we decided to dedev our economy. 7. No timeframe on when the collapse happens, most people don't read alts so you should say that people won't transition at all. The main thing is to win that you are promoting a sustainable future. If you lose the growth sustainable debate it becomes very hard to win any other arguments. Good evidence for growth sustainable is easily found and hopefully the affirmative you run can be a key link to the future. If you run an affirmative like offshore wind, it is critical that you say the growth as a result of the affirmative is sustainable.
  3. Can anyone judge for the BVN varsity tournament on October 17th-18th?
  4. 7offcase


    Who is going to ONW next weekend? I hope it has a great judging pool last year was exceptional.
  5. 7offcase


    BVN isn't running a plan text, we are searching for the loch ness monster
  6. 7offcase


    two days till I can run the digger
  7. I have seen a lot of blocks saying "Dispo solves all their offence", is this true or even a smart argument and if so how does dispo solve all the problems of condo?
  8. 7offcase

    ONW Results 10/4-5

    how do you find these things out, and yes khalif.
  9. 7offcase

    ONW Results 10/4-5

    good tournament and great judging pool. Hope to see tournaments like this for the rest of the year. Also OfficerTom is the greatest debater to have ever existed
  10. You guys think its easier to say extinction is going to happen instead of racism.....?
  11. You walk in and see a panel. 3 parents all sitting, they have watched debates before, but judge every year because of their son/daughter. You are negative in this round, I guess the point of this thread is how do you make arguments (or which are the most convinicing) that you can easily win on in the 2nr. For example, I feel like states counterplans or insane disadvantages, like insane extinction claims dont seem to work. Status quo arugments are good, but it always ends up with the 2ar saying well, why not try this plan. Is there a correct way to approach inherency with lay judges, they dont seem to care what the 2nr says, if the 2ar just bs's the whole debate right there. What are the best tactics that seem to work in front of parents? Negating the resolution seems extremely hard to win in a negative round.
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