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  1. http://challonge.com/PolicyTOC2015
  2. Damn. I forgot my swim trunks and goggles
  3. I think Georgetown is considered a liberal arts college. They have a fairly decent debate program from what I've heard.
  4. Something like this? Air pollution is key to saving the ozoneDEC 12 (Department of Environmental Conservation, “Ozone - the Pollution Paradox” http://www.dec.ny.gov/chemical/8561.html) The balance of ozone creation and destruction shifts drastically, however, when hydrocarbons are added to the atmospheric mix. Hydrocarbons--vapors from solvents, gasoline, dry cleaning fluids and hundreds of other common substances--actually add to the creation phase of the ozone cycle, while circumventing the destruction phase. Summer heat and the increase in sunlight intensity speed the rate of these chemical reactions, triggering rapid formation of ozone. This is why ozone "health advisories" often are issued during the summer, but never during the winter.
  5. The politics DA is always unique Obama will never run out of political capital (Unless the plan passes, of course)
  6. http://www.hwglaw.com/siteFiles/News/E2CD3D748FABC7D8F94943A3AB4FA9E6.pdf
  7. The Foocoal kritik centers around the power of the state (probably Texas) to determine the value of a bear life. It also talks emphasizes the concept of a "state of inception"
  8. Your name, username, this thread, and this response are all really confusing me
  9. What aff do they read? And what did the CP claim to solve?
  10. 1. Usually not. It's generally considered abusive for planks to be conditional because it exponentially increases the amount of conditional worlds that the neg can go for. 2. There's no rule why you can't. Some teams that read PICs have extra planks to get rid of solvency deficits. For example: Have China do the plan AND share the results with the U.S. to avoid a solvency deficit based on information not being shared. The more things you read though, the harder it is to not link to a net benefit 3. Sure. That's a common strategy if you have impact turns to certain planks. You still should probably have solvency deficits though
  11. Austin SFA EE is one of the most underrated teams in my opinion. They might be in the top 5 for me
  12. I was at Gonzaga for the 5 week program and the extension week. Great campus, great lab leaders, great people. Only negative thing I have to say is that the food was just okay. Certainly not a deal breaker though
  13. That's an oxymoron But really, the Gonzaga (GDI) OTEC file has the most Savage cards I think
  14. Alright, that was clever. I'll give you that
  15. The plethora of threads you created and your anonymous identity definitely makes me want to give you my money
  16. Read Camus? No, that's totally absurd
  17. Here's all the docs https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1zHl8n2_ORg3daWUCDK07Bt-5jjYddQ_TltWncD06434/edit#gid=0
  18. Don't find Nemo, find a better argument
  19. Oil dependence would be a good advantage I think, with a middle east war scenario. Warming if you think they judge is liberal enough to believe in warming. Electricity prices/stability as an internal link to either econ or manufacturing
  20. I'd definitely want to get in on this if it becomes a thing. The more people cutting politics cards, the better
  21. Happy New Year everybody! New Years Politics - Joseph.docx
  22. Rifkin has a book on the topic "The Zero Marginal Cost Society" which is probably better warranted http://www.thezeromarginalcostsociety.com/
  23. Yep, you got it. Add-ons are just miniature advantages read in the 2AC. As for States and DOD CPs, it's usually a bit harder to find Add-ons for these. For states, relations add-ons are occasionally viable. (For example, plan solves U.S. China cooperation over X) Your evidence needs to be specific to high-level dialogue though, and it has to be good enough that you can argue that individual states can't do it. For DOD, soft power add-ons based off of demilitarizing the ocean is your best bet. A lot of icebreakers teams have advantages based on Arctic relations that rely on peaceful cooperation and science diplomacy, which lets them argue that the DOD wouldn't be able to solve because it'd be seen as taking too hardline of an approach. Of course, for a fair amount of affs add-ons aren't your best strategy against PICs. A lot of times it's best to just focus on why the CP doesn't solve your 1AC advantages (making solvency deficits)
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