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  1. dude, maybe just quit. You're not good, and you kind of suck. D1ck. Shut up.
  2. he needs the "cutie CP" on account of cuteness
  3. for next time: in word, go to the references tab. on the left click table of contents, then do the first one.
  4. ill trade. Ill give you a bison migration backfile
  5. thats not how to do the TOC ryan. here's the TOC for the cap neg he has. Contents Perm Solvency. 2 Gibson-Graham.. 3 Wilson. 5 Cap Sustainable. 6 Human Nature. 7 Self-Correcting. 10 Cap Evolves. 11 Cap Good. 12 Economy. 13 Environment. 14 Overpop. 18 War. 19 Alt Fails. 21 Alt Bad. 22 Transition Wars. 23 Answers To. 25 Immoral 26 Ontology. 27 Root Cause. 29 Wealth Disparity. 30
  6. what about perm do the alt in all other instances
  7. answers to the permutation, i feel like that wasnt clear
  8. im not joking, and i know it's stupid, but does anyone have any good perm answers for "revoke their freedom to speak"? will trade any Ks i have.
  9. i'll trade you a Fight Club K. its legit.
  10. ill trade you T:in means throughout
  11. like using a normative discourse in-round makes us feel that way outside of the round too.
  12. no man. For example, take the normativity K. One of the impacts i read is that it turns people into shills of the USFG who are defenseless to the logic of institutions. So that's an external impact bc it happens outside of round. does anyone have CARDS that say this
  13. no dude, impacts outside of the round. External impact, shit that happens outside of the debate round
  14. i have blocks and overviews for both. Ill just send to you, you dont need to give me the T shells. email?
  15. looking for a card that says that external impacts have to be evaluated first. Have lots to trade, thanks.
  16. your mom doesnt want me!
  17. you don't want it...
  18. by "young" i mean spry, flexible. It's a joke. Anyway whats this CP you're working on?
  19. hey chusuf, i trade fair and square. by interesting i mean semi kritikal, not ordinary
  20. quit being yoko ono. GAYYYY f@ggot flamer
  21. dead serious, anyone have any young interesting CPs? here's what ill trade http://postimage.org/image/7dbrntdxf/
  22. wait why did this get so many dislikes? what was the problem? And Lefebvre is who writes lit for HP's aff right to the city
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