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  1. Let me know if there are any options not on here that you would like to see
  2. Just to let you know, Mr. Nelson, I actually wasn't talking about you Here is why strikes are bad: They waste time (that's actually small though). They are mostly bad because they don't allow for the "game" situation. They let you not have to debate for the judge that you need to debate for. The replacements might not be better. Also, if you are assigned two lays and a flow, the chances of the strikes resulting in two flows and a lay is better. NFL reserve judges work that way.
  3. No no, I apologize, I was talking about the reason for the beginning of the thread. I don't think those ideas are good for many reasons, but not favoring one type of school.
  4. Look, this thread is slightly off in its motives. Having read some of the earlier posts, it seems to me like it is a complaint of not qualifying. When you say having team A qualify raises some eyebrows you are saying that they shouldn't have qualified. Simple as that. It shows that you think they are not that good because we have to assume that the reason that they qualified was based on judge inexperience. While I don't completely agree with Sam that lay is as good as flow, you do have to adapt. I think that is what is so special about Kansas debate. I will have to say this generally to BVW but this applies to others, your behavior at the qualifier was not acceptable, nor was the timing of this thread. Let the people who qualified have their moment.
  5. I am a semi-old (not really, only graduated five yeas ago) Kansas high school graduate.I have debated and judged some really good Kansas debaters. Some of the best I've seen in no particular order are: Linda Pei, Ideen Saideen, Chris Birzer, Samantha Nichols, Danny Richey, MacKenzie Oatman, Kelly Redler, Lucy Orsi, William Ashley, Taylor Nichols, Josh Dean, Jimmy Khalif. I'd like to hear some older folks on this. I know there has been a best teams thread, but I also like this one to recognize individuals.
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