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  1. also, I have a decently new mexican politics scenario if anyone wants to trade! since the THA passed in the mexican congress all the mex politics went non-unique but i cut a new scenario, so just inbox, I'll trade yu!
  2. I have a downgrade DA. idk if anyone wants it, it will need probs just a one new uniqueness card but like it matters. Everytime I ran it, people would run politics cards referring to CIR and farm bill and political capital theory! LOL, I easily won on it just because the team was confused on what this DA was. it actually isn't really politics at all LOL again. I haven't used it in awhile cuz I'm the 2a now so it will need maybe 1 or 2 cards but it's just 1- 2 cards and plus you'll easily win on it. just send me a message and I'll give you my email.
  3. thanks y'all, for giving me such a marvelous wipeout file....oh wait, NO ONE HAS
  4. will trade for various things!!!!!!!!
  5. I kind of know what they are but the people I ask give me really vague answers. Can someone just explain an over view in a more complex in depth manner. (also when you generally use o/v) thanks!
  6. Anyone wanna give me cards for kappeler k? send me a message or just reply
  7. if you want to just give me some cards that would be awesome but if you need any I have an EU counterplan, One love kritik, Mao kritik, a lot of DA's, R-Spec, Serco-Cap k, ect. ect. p.s already have 1nc shell
  8. put a pen or pencil in your mouth horizontally and bit down on on the pen with your canine teeth. Read your evidence out loud with it still placed in your mouth. You won't be very clear because you can't move your tongue that well. After about 5 minutes with speaking with the pen in your mouth start speaking without it, your tongue will flow freely and you will be able to read faster with more clarity.
  9. I get that you don't have case limits but how do you prepare for what an affs plan will be and if your aff who could you possibly prepare fo the countless of kritiks and disads. AHHHH!
  10. I used the pen thing, except with a pencil. It works great do it for 5 minutes and it's almost like your tongue can flow freely. And just read your cards over and over and you'll get familar with the words and clarity will come. Practice out slow.
  11. my first debate ever and I never went to any practices and my partner was a dick while facing the best team in the state. So in the 2AC i said three things, not responding to T and sat back down....we lost that round
  12. -my 6th grade in high school debate partner starting talking about about voter I.D in cross ex....we were running the elections DA -running against EV's and in the 2ar the opponent said,"we don't want to still be saudia arabias bitches!"
  13. I saw a debate and they talked about fiat and double binding. What is that?
  14. oh the magnificant k.. what I ussual do is take cap in the 1nr but you can take it in the 2nc. You can read a few more cards about linking and more impacts depending what aff attacks in the 2AC. I ran kritiks all year and there going to probably say cap is inevitble, no new cards for that just respond to it how its not. If they attack the link extend the original one and read more showing it links even harder into there plan. If they attack your impact read more impacts along with extending your own. If they attack your alt read more alt's if needed or just extend the original one, explaining why it's more logical or better then theirs. Also, maybe at the end of your file it has A2's which our answer to this or that. If they do a perm then their is probably answers to (A2) the perm. I loved running kritks as a novice. Hope I helped!
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