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  1. I've seen successful debaters who read complex K's, but have no deep understanding of the K nor read the works of whichever author they're reading from. They've only had success by being skilled at defending against generic arguments (cede the political, perm, ETC). Thus, I have two questions: 1. Does one really need to have read and understood the work of K author to be skilled at running the K? 2. In your past experience running reasonably complex K's (D&G, Psychoanalysis-Lacan, ETC), do you think you spent more of your time answering the generic/shallow arguments or actually going into an actual discussion on the K itself?
  2. May anyone please recommend to me a list of basic philosophical works that I should read to become a better K-debater?
  3. Nope, I know it's not critical mass transit. I got a hint it has something to do with bikes.
  4. I got intel saying that the person I'm up against will run this, but I have no idea what a critical mass even is. Also, I couldn't find a critical mass aff anywhere? Does anyone know what is critical mass? It would be even better if you have the aff. Possible neg strats would be greatly appreciated Thanks EDIT: It's supposedly related to bikes somehow
  5. Which books/lectures should I read/watch in order to better understand D&G? I have had no previous experience with philosophical readings.
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