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  1. If I were to formulate an ethic of the other (like Levinas), do you think that'd conflict with Baudrillard's thought?
  2. Thanks. I'll most likely cut an impact card from this.
  3. I don't think Baudrillard necessarily rejects Marxist ethics, just the Marxist framing and process of revolution. If I were to frame the Marxist ethics off in terms of economics, production, etc. it'd probably be a double turn. However, if the ethics off was purely justifications for why alienation is bad or something of the sort, and said the impact of the K was alienation, I think I'd be fine.
  4. Yeah I am asking for LD purposes. So you're saying read 2 off. The first off being a Marxist ethics NC, and the second off being the K with an alt that solves the ethics offense?
  5. I don't mean normativity in Foucault's sense. I mean it in terms of "normative reasons to act."
  6. Thanks for clearing that up, but according to Baudrillard, why do we want to shift from the squo in the first place? It seems as though Baudrillard's theory of capitalism and semiocapitalism are merely descriptive.
  7. For Badiou: Ethics: An Essay on the Understanding of Evil by Badiou https://ceasefiremagazine.co.uk/alain-badiou-event/ (Robinson article) http://www.marxists.org/archive/bensaid/2004/xx/badiou.htm
  8. When Baudrillard began to seperate with Marxism, he looked at pre-capitalist societies and developed his theory of symbolic exchange. This entire history, however, is just an attempt to find the best way to reject cap. So, why does Baudrillard think cap is bad in the first place? Does he think alienation is bad? Exclusion? Objectification? I know Baudrillard highly plays off of Marcuse, but does he just accept Marcuse's theory? What does Baudrillard think is normatively bad, and why?
  9. Yeah I'm from California, but you're saying I should go to UTNIF unless I'm from Kansas?
  10. If you don't mind me asking, why? Edit: As in, why prefer UTNIF?
  11. Let's say I don't want to necessarily learn kritikal. If I want a more rounded learning experience, which one is better?
  12. I see, well I wan't really asking about that since it's definitely out of my price range. Right now I'm really deciding between JDI 3 week and UTNIF skills.
  13. Apparently not nuff said for me. What do you mean by this?
  14. Can anyone vouch for JDI's ability to produce good debaters? IE name some alumni that have been successful on the national circuit?
  15. Negatively worded interpretation...meta-theory?
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