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    Spreading Speeds

    "I was listening to the final round of the National Debate Tournament in 2001 ... Each team had one kid on it who had debated together when they were in high school. One of them was blazingly fast and one of them pokey and plaintively slow. And the two debated over and over again in college and the kid Andy Ryan who was plaintively slow managed to win almost every time ... Cover smart, cover smart. Don't think you have to cover every argument in the debate." --Scott Deatherage, "The Speech" http://www.cross-x.com/topic/50532-scott-deatherages-the-speech/
  2. My money is on Kinkaid RT (at least as my sentimental favorite). On a related note, if Carrollton DS wins it, will they be the first all-female team ever to win the TOC? (I can't tell from a cursory review of the winning teams on Wikipedia.)
  3. (Reposting b/c I didn't properly quote Matt's post above) I came across this thread while searching for debate history type posts and found it quite interesting. Wyrick is a friend of mine, and we still get together on a fairly regular basis. In fact, I'll probably see him this weekend and will definitely pick his brain on this topic if anyone is still interested. Now that my curiosity is sparked, I'm also going to see if there's still a copy of that Wake DRG from the early 1990s with Shanahan's "Woodpaths" article in it laying around somewhere (my mom saves everything). I can't seem to find a copy of it online.
  4. Hutz

    Kritik Ideas

    Run Johnny 23. It's obviously not "new" but I don't think anyone ever really ran it (though I stopped judging a few years back). As someone who got bored seeing the same shit all the time, I always thought it could dominate in the right hands. Take a look: http://www.cross-x.com/topic/5055-johnny-23-kritik-1nc-shell/page__hl__%20johnny
  5. For what it's worth, as someone who quit judging a few years back out of equal parts boredom and frustration, I would have loved watching Ankur and would have heaped 30s on him and his partner. Some of the greatest teams of my era (1990s) used robust case negs as a significant part of their arsenal. And this was when pre-round disclosure of affs was still somewhat controversial on the national circuit. With the open evidence wiki, there's no excuse for not attacking affs where they sleep.
  6. Hutz

    Disclosure In Kansas

    This got me thinking back to my own HS days, when pre-round disclosure of affs was still controversial on the national circuit. We hit a team from Caddo Magnet once in the first round and asked them to disclose. They refused. Mind you, we were mediocre, didn't even have a head coach much less assistants, and half of the Caddo team would go on to have an incredibly decorated TOC and NDT career. When Greenhill caught word of this, one of their dudes not only disclosed the aff to us but walked around telling anyone who would listen, announcing it to crowded hallways, etc. It was great.
  7. Run Johnny 23 as an aff.
  8. Is he still involved in debate/trying to destroy it?
  9. I know it's early, but which juniors/junior teams are looking the best so far? Who are the top teams of tomorrow??
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