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  1. For a K, we would be saying that squo cap is bad, and the alt could be to implement MMT. MMT is different from cap so could we just use MMT as post-alt solvency ? And our CP would be to do the plan but do it in the world of the alt (where MMT exist) so a perm do both makes no sense - no way you can do plan and do plan with MMT. Any time-frame perm seems illegitimate as well, at least non-nonsensical.
  2. CP's don't have to be topical ? It is a plan plus CP though, but that is all theory.
  3. That under the MMT system the government would spend "fiat money" because taxes would be used to curb inflation instead of government expenditures and a "guaranteed-job" program would be created so everyone that is willing and able to work will work. Obviously the government just spending money would result in inflation but the taxes now collected would be used to curb inflation and the new jobs would balance it out as well because an increased level of production and consumption. My partner and I are thinking of running this as a K, Cap bad then the alt as MMT, then have a CP that says do plan but in the world of the alt. So essentially, the K's Net Benefit is the CP. We would say they could never truly get econ growth in the squo, yet MMT gives econ growth. http://neweconomicperspectives.org/2013/03/what-is-modern-monetary-theory-or-mmt.html There is a link that explains MMT pretty well
  4. So my partner and I plan on running the Modern Monetary System on the negative, but we still have to block most of it out. Are there any major arguments that I should defiantly have blocked out? Thanks in advance
  5. TOC teach might have some, haven't checked though
  6. Say the the 1nc just totally dropped case, do you need to do any case work in the 2ac or is just cross applying the impacts from case onto the DA's good enough? Thanks in advance.
  7. I'm wondering how much "vote policy above the critique" should i put in a frontline/block against a critique?
  8. Thanks for that, so basically it's a claim that any aff, by thier standard, is nontopical. I could say that any aff has to be paid for through the General Fund and if they said that then they would be nontopical under their definition. The gas tax just would be our mechanism of funding the Highway Trust Fund.
  9. I have a base for a effects Topicality good arg's but i wonder are they're any really good arg's? (btw it is the gas tax aff)
  10. Thanks everyone, we already have a quality block set up against the security kritik and i was just making sure we were leading towards the right level And the version i was referencing was the ranking and managing risk one.
  11. CHSDebater

    Security K

    Can anyone think of a quality attack against the Secuirty K? I don't think it really links to our aff but a few good quality arguments?
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