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  1. So I was idly considering writing a Jewish Identity K Aff, about anti-semitism inherent in Western Culture, portrayals of the Jew as corrupter and parasite and the consistent "Christianizing" of identity nowadays, and was wondering what the consensus was about that here. Do you think there is any basis for me writing that? And if so, any recommendations for some literature to read? Any random thoughts/suggestions at all?
  2. Ummm . . . don't judge me, but how do I run the program?
  3. Hey- Does anyone have an idea of how to link an ecofeminism aff to a capitalism Kritik? The only thing I can think of is a link of omission which isn't really that great . . .
  4. What do you guys think of an aff that offers Tax breaks to companies that invest in Venezuela? For Advantages I'll claim Heg, Venezuelan Econ, Iran (Veneuela is one of Iran's biggest supporters) and Environment
  5. My team was practice debating, and one team got into the position where they were advocating something unconstitutional (don't remember what) but the only way they could win was to fiat a constitutional amendment. (and I just wondered about the UN)
  6. Just a quick question, can you fiat a constitutional amendment and/or a UN resolution?
  7. I didn't have a choice, novices at my school have to do HSR, ( even though its a bad aff)
  8. I'm running a HSR aff for what is my second tournament. So . . . seeing that I won both my neg rounds and lost both my aff rounds, what would you run for pro-HSR arguments (specifically with Kritiks)
  9. What would be some good Ks to run for an HSR aff?
  10. What are the best Ks to run against Transportation Infrastructure Investment?
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