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    Going 1 Off

    Just say lasting evolution takes hundreds and hundreds of thousands of years.
  2. You should read the stranger first and foremost, It's one of my favorite books written. Then Myth of SIsyphus and other essays - it can be kinda dense, but the myth of sisyphus is fairly short and very interesting. Then maybe the rebel or the plague, he's written tons. He's not the best debate author though because a lot of his concepts are through fiction and sartre does it smarter.
  3. There are less black people in the activity than white people. There are less females in the activity then males. Having diverse amounts of people is better than a white male dominated activity. Not saying you shouldn't give money to the guy, but obviously people will try to encourage different backgrounds.
  4. Link analysis on perm Impact/turns the case on top Alt solvency on alt solvency takeouts (if none then after impact) Tricks/roll of ballot on top
  5. http://ase.tufts.edu/gdae/Pubs/rp/DP33DusselNov12.pdf China has huge ties w/ latin america
  6. Catastrophe scenarios make policy fail – reduce their probability to zero. Rescher, ’83 (Nicholas, 1983, Professor of Philosophy, University of Pittsburg, Risk: A Philosophical Introduction to the Theory of Risk Evaluation and Management, University Press of America, p. 39-40) But in decision theory there are two different, more pressing reasons for dismissing sufficiently improbable possibilities. One is that there are just too many of them. To be asked to reckon with such remote possibilities is to baffle our thought by sending it on a chase after endless alternatives. Another reason lies in our need and desire to avoid stultifying action. It’s simply “human nature†to dismiss sufficiently remote eventualities in one’s personal calculations. The “Vacationer’s Dilemma†of Figure 1 illustrates this. Only by dismissing certain sufficiently remote catastrophic possibilities as outside the range of real possibilities – can we avoid the stultification of action on anything like standard decision-making approach represented by expected-value calculations. The vacationer takes the plausible line of reviewing the chance of disaster as effectively zero, thereby eliminating that unacceptable possible outcome from playing a role by way of intimidation. People generally (and justifiedly) proceed on the assumption that the probability of sufficiently unlikely disasters can be set at zero; that unpleasant eventuations of “substantial improbability†can be dismissed and taken to lie outside the realm of “real†possibilities.
  7. Depending on how big your team is, the thursday file would be a waste of money. Cutting a poiltics file is relatively easy, it just requires time. Divying out cards to cut to members means you can put together a 100 page + file in a few days, then u/q is all you need for tournaments.
  8. chusuf


    Answer it with process metaphysics; it's the direct impact turn. They say existence is objects, individual from each other: isolated in time and space. Process Metaphysics say that existence is connected; we are breathing air that is part of a greater system of the universe.
  9. I don't feel like fapsterbating This 1ac is boring which makes me fap That prevents me from doing homework homework k2 grade k2 college k2 stem degree k2 biotech industry (i'm a pretty smart dude) solves extinction.
  10. How dare you mock the infamous three pronged postmodern cap k.
  11. K debater's wet dream
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