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  1. Irony Aff's are soooooooo good. Eagle proves.
  2. Irony Aff's are soooooooo good. Eagle proves.
  3. My favorite non critical affirmative this year would probably be "Send one coast guard ship to Venezuela" that Bingham NS read at Greenhill because it's just soooo damn funny. Favorite critical aff would have to be the Good Neighbor aff that Green Valley reads, the Bataille aff that Rowland Hall KG read, or the Selfish Giant 1AC Bingham NS read.
  4. Would anybody be able to send me that doubling file?
  5. The aff is great. The premise behind it is sound. I think there should be some more evidence for the blocks, but the analytics on here are incredibly sound. Definitely worth it. Also, it has answers to the majority of arguments that would be run against it, which means you're basically set. Make sure you read through the entire file to understand your argument. also, bell hooks is great in my opinion. I feel as if you could use the card citing her in the 1AC as an answer to the majority of things. All in all, a great file and a great aff.
  6. PokemonMaster

    A2: Race

    Does anybody have an idea of what would be something that could be run in response to Bruckner?
  7. I was considering running a K Aff this year because it seemed interesting but I can't think of one to start working on. Any suggestions?
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