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  1. 5A- LASA- I'm really not sure how everyone forgets they have been in the state finals for the past 2 years straight and multiple times before that. If not them then Lindale. 6A- SFA EE (2nd at Harvard and St. Marks) or Katy Taylor AL (1st at Berkeley)
  2. East Texas: Katy Taylor Allatar/Li Katy Taylor Kim/Desai Crosby Lance/Blackwood
  3. Debatehack

    UIL State 2014

    4a: Crosby LZ wins 5a: Clear Lake KV wins
  4. Debatehack

    UIL State 2014

    Finals 4a Crosby LZ v. LBJ SY 5a Clear Lake KV v. Bellaire NV
  5. Debatehack

    UIL State 2014

    4a semi finalists Crosby LBJ Saginaw Connally 5a semi finalists: Clear lake KV Bellaire NV Hendrickson SFA EE
  6. Debatehack

    UIL State 2014

    Out in octs 4a Montgomery BL LBJ FT Hallsville BM Bay City DV HP CZ Reagan CV Mercedes FB Wilson JM Out in octs 5a Midway BH Keller FW Harker Heights BH Clear Lake GH Austin ES Channelview AC Katy Taylor DK EP Franklin
  7. Debatehack

    UIL State 2014

    4a octs: LBJ SY vs Montgomery BL Lindale ER vs LBJ FT Crosby LZ vs Hallsville BM Bay City DV vs Friendswood BH Montgomery PS vs Highland Park CZ Pearland Dawson JZ vs Houston Reagan CV Connally HK vs Mercedes FB Saginaw GR vs Dallas Wilson JM 5a octs: SFA EE vs Clear Lake GH Clear Lake KV vs EP Franklin RR Coppell PS vs Channelview AC Bellaire NV vs Keller FW Kingwood AD vs SFA ES Katy Taylor AL vs Katy Taylor DK Hendrickson vs Harker Heights BH Midway BH vs SA Reagan AB
  8. Predicitions: 1a-3a: Dont Know/Care 4a: Finals: Crosby LZ v. LASA SY Out in Semis: LASA FT and HP WW Out in Quarters: Lindale, Montgomery, Bay City, Barbers Hill 5a: Finals: Midway BH v. SFA BE Out in Semis: Westwood LP and Katy Taylor AL Out in Quarters: Hendrickson GT, Coppell LM, Coppell PS, Clear Lake KV,
  9. I'm pretty familiar with the national circuit outside of Texas, but I'll keep my predictions to Texas teams likely to succeed (meaning at least a bid) at a national level next year. St. Marks Marshall/? Greenhill Ranganathan/Gupta Kinkaid Jamal/? Highland Park Holmes/? Crosby Lance/? LBJ Hsi/Shah (If Lisa debates next year) Westwood WN
  10. UTD 1 Week is $700 UTD 2 Week is $1200 More info: http://www.utdallas.edu/debate/summer-institute/ Baylor 1 Week is $700 Baylor 2 Week is $1300 More Info: http://www.baylordebate.com/id5.html Both Teams have good coaching staff. The one week and two week are both bargain prices for both camps.
  11. UTNIF is almost within three hours of DFW if you're willing to drive to Austin. But if you are looking only at Dallas/East Texas I would definitely go with UNT. They have a solid college program and almost everyone I know who has gone there has improved substantially. ETBU to my knowledge does not have a college policy debate program. There is also the Comet Debate Institute at UTD. The UTD Coaches are great and its a small camp so you get hands on attention.
  12. Debatehack

    Uil State

    Crosby and Hendrickson champions
  13. Debatehack

    Uil State

    4a finals: LBJ v Crosby 5a finals: Hendrickson v SAC
  14. Debatehack

    Uil State

    4A Semis: LBJ v Wakeland Wylie v Crosby 5A Semis: Hendrickson v Reagan SAC v Westwood
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