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  1. 3rd in states i had the flu, so my 2nr and 2nc were not what they could have been and we were locked in as neg in the final round what a weekend.

  2. This is a great file, thanks you for file.
  3. My spelling errors, I do not have a reasonable explanation for that except maybe i was tired? anyways Coercion i was just saying ik the K lol.
  4. Sounds good, approved rick is 3rd judge.
  5. Need a judge? I Default Tab judge, Da's I enjoy a good Da if you run De-dev or a damn fiscal cliff ill lol but w.e Link is where it's at. T its a good idea to run it plus i like watching it be debated. K's love love love love love them, however i am not a professor of Philosophy so i don't know every author, but I do know Coercion, Virillo, Zizek and some Liberal think tanks but i love K Debate ik alts are shaky but lets see how it plays out? Through some humor in there i like that XD Finally, i do not put arguments in places for you so please tell me how to write My metaphorical ballet. woops forgot c.p lol i hate condo c.p's aff show why they are abusive ill vote on that.
  6. Cavar sounds good, im just waiting for 1nc </3 but ill put you down as a judge.
  7. what is your judge philosophy/paradigm?
  8. Judge 1. RawrCat Judge 2: Cavar Judge 3: Rick_Perry
  9. heres 1ac- http://www.mediafire.com/view/?6xcpc24yyjbrhlx
  10. If anyone would like to judge i think we need some please.
  11. ill have 1ac soon it will be posted from media fire.
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