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  1. 6a advancing to semis Bellaire bw 3-0 ktaylor al Ktaylor alattar li 2-1 midway bc San Angelo HL 3-0 Dawson zj Dulles Bk 2-1 memorial DG 6a advancing to finals Bellaire bw 3-0 San angelo HL Ktaylor al 2-1 dulles Bk Ktaylor wins finals over bellaire on a 2-1 Edit: phone grammar
  2. 6a advancing to quarters Bellaire BW Dulles Bk Dawson JZ Highland park TW Katy Taylor AL x 2 Memorial DG San Angelo HL
  3. Guys, for all the people who put nietzsche going far, are we forgetting that he would WANT to lose in the first round, either that or make it to the finals, be winning the entire game, then at the end lose because of a miraculous comeback tying it up at the end of regulation followed by an OT loss fueled by terrible refereeing?
  4. mistuhgee

    UIL State 2014

    Awww yea htown represent
  5. aff still usually has to win solvency to win a link turn, except for like plan popular or winners win
  6. Cedar Ridge pulled out of UIL state I believe, guess they got tired of crushing skulls at tfa, figured they'd allow some of us mortals to live
  7. mistuhgee

    Big affs

    that and because boats are used for transportation
  8. For sure, which is why I hate our nfl districts (which is where I had that judge) because they have a "paradigms" page that makes no sense, and asking in round is useless, once had a judge tell me he had 4 years of college cx experience, proceeded to vote against us(aff) on case defense that was dropped in the block, yet still thoroughly covered in the 2ar, 1ar, and 2ac
  9. I feel like there are some judges who will make strange decisions, that being said, when debaters come up to me and say oh man we really got screwed, and I ask why, and they say its because the judge hated spreading or didn't like the K or they hated theory etc etc, I tell them its their fault they lost, not the judge's. Debate is a game about learning effective communication skills, learning to adapt to your judge is a crucial part of debate and teams who can't adapt and instead blame it on the judge do not hold much weight with me. Not saying there aren't situations where you genuinely get screwed, because there are one or two where I came out thinking there is no way in the world I can possibly justify losing that round, just that most of those rfd's are more avoidable than most people think. I guess I'll add an example, and that is, I had a judge who was mostly an LD judge, but said she had quite a but of experience judging CX, anyways, the 1nc was daoism, politics, pic, and the 2nr went for daoism, suffice to say he dropped like 3 really big arguments on the flow such as, advocating daoism isn't daoist, and justifies allowing holocaust as well as pdb, etc, anyways, judges rfd was, the aff says we should do nothing if there is another holocaust. dafuq
  10. mistuhgee

    Tfa State

    So uh, I know this is really really late, but I remember hearing something about one of the highland park teams going 0-6 but also getting top speaker awards, does anyone know what they did to accomplish this?
  11. that 1nc cx was so intense, it was like you were spreading questions and answers faster than the speeches themselves!
  12. I know it doesnt completely relate to the topic of the thread, but there's just something about flowing on paper, reading it off paper rather than computer, being able to see the entirety of your flow just helps, i know the argument isnt strictly based in logical reasoning behind flowing on paper, but in order to be good at debate you need to flow well, and i find flowing on computers is a hassle (even with synergy and stuff) not that flowing on cpus is bad, but in our novices its leading to a tendency to copy pasta tags and arguments, a habit i will break them of by the end of the year
  13. mistuhgee

    Uil State

    any hope that someone knows seeds?
  14. mistuhgee

    Uil State

    there will always be the exception, but for the most part, 3 doesnt mean much, alot of the judges that put 3 still probably have no idea how to evaluate them
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