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  1. This year one of our opponents read a Tuck and Yang K of the university with the alt that we should retreat to the undercommons where we should act like fugitives and steel from the university. Their undercommons alt came from Stefano Harney and Fred Moten's book, The Undercommons: Fugitive Planning and Black Study. However after reading some of the book I don't really understand what the alt is exactly. Could someone explain what exactly the undercommons is, what it means to be a fugitive who steels from the university, and what arguments could be made against it.
  2. Like many people have said in other evidence forums, I don't want to use open evidence. It is a good starting place, but beyond that it doesn't have a lot of value.
  3. I am looking for a good Buy America disadvantage file. Does anyone have one they're willing to trade? Email me at jeveret@me.com if you want to trade, and what you are interested in trading it for.
  4. jeveret

    Utnif Or Unt

    <blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="dancon25" data-cid="866959" data-time="1360129420"><p> I have the feeling that UTNIF Topic Intensive will teach a lot about research, and a lot about kritiks, especially considering next year's topic will have lots of K ground. I'd say it's probably worth going to - i'm gonna guess lots of advantages will at least be "soft," if not outright kritikal in nature.</p></blockquote> Do you think debaters will still be able to choose to be in a resarch lab that cuts a disadvantage or case/ impact file?
  5. jeveret

    Utnif Or Unt

    Do you think that since they no longer have the K lab they will focus more on Kritiks. Also I would like to go to a camp where I can improve research skills and I didn't feel that the sophomore select program did that, so I would be leaning towards topic intensive at UTNIF session one if not UNT. Did UNT focus on research, their website makes it look like they do. I would still like to see a balanced focus, but research skill improvement is important to me.
  6. jeveret

    Utnif Or Unt

    I am going to be a Junior next year. I went to sophomore select at UTNIF last year and loved it, but from what I can tell the skills and topic intensive sessions are very Kritik based and because of my region I don't run Kritiks. Would that be a reason to go to UNT instead. By the way I would like to go to northwestern or DDI, but I have a conflict schedule wise with both.
  7. jeveret


    What should I do to get more results when I research than just using google. My school doesn't subscribe to many databases but our debate coach might dependent on the cost.
  8. Phantom, what exactly does a Cap Bad CP say/how is it written.
  9. I was wondering if the water infrastructure tradeoff disad links to cases that specify where the funding for the plan is coming from, because if an aff case specifies where the aff gets the money for the plan how would the aff run into any problems with cutting/trading off the funding of water infrastructure? Thanks By the way sorry this is my second question to ask recently but my school's CX team consists of two people, and our coach does't know anything about debate. Most of our learning comes from debate camp, but there are some questions I have after going to camp, and this is the best place I know to get answers.
  10. Thank you for your answers, but what specific answers can you give to the transportation bill, especially if you aren't running a CP. I debate in an area where many judges don't like CP's which is often frustrating. Thanks
  11. Where is the post you are talking about located at? I can't find it.
  12. How would you answer non uniqueness arguments about the recent transportation bill, in response to trade- off disads. One of my best disads is a trade- off DA, but I don't know how to respond to the argument that the Disad should have already been triggered by the transportation bill. By the way the disad is a steel/Buy America trade-off disad, but I would like to know how to answer this argument when it is applied to other DA's. Thanks
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