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  1. I went to Northwestern last year, and it was overall a great camp experience. It is policy focused in the sense that most of the files turned out there are policy files, i.e. no Wilderson or OOO. However, it is not anti-K by any means if that's what you're worried about, and in fact I would say that it's the opposite. There was actually quite a lot of instruction about Ks in general both in lectures and lab (if you want to learn about actual Marxist theory, Tripp Rebrovick's Cap K lecture is legendary), and there was actually a very solid performance aff turned out - Brophy Prep ran it at camp, and is still doing extremely well on the national circuit with it. It goes without saying that the staff there is amazing, and include some of the best K minds, policy minds, and debate minds in general - you should spend as much time as humanly possible talking to Abe Corrigan (although he was in the sophomore lab last year) about the K, and all the college debaters are very knowledgable about that stuff as well. Although I will say that the 4-week junior lab was probably the weakest in terms of lab leaders and debaters, or at least it was last year. If you can go to the 6-week lab, you'll be in a MUCH better place, in one of the most competitive labs in the country and some of the best coaches on the college circuit (Dave Arnett is god). The "field trip" is a one day excursion into Chicago (Navy Pier, Magnificent Mile, etc).
  2. I don't know about a release date, but at camp over the summer Aaron Hardy showed off a new automatic citing feature. Yes, it does what it sounds like.
  3. See, this is what I thought was correct, and have been doing for a while. However, I don't want to 'stunt my growth as a debater' (whatever that means) by being too block dependent.
  4. How much and what parts of the 2NC and 2NR should be prewritten ahead of time, either before the debate or during prep time, and how much of it should be done off the flow? Also, how do you go for case in the 2NR? I know to extend the arguments you're winning (not all of them), explain them well, and do impact calc. But what further techniques I can use to win case better? Thanks!
  5. Hi guys, So I think we all know that Consult CPs are very shady at best - but that's not going to stop me from running them I would, however, like to learn the theory more in depth. I mostly understand the basic args against it (ground, predictability, etc.). The part I'm confused about is why people define certain words, for example Resolved. I know it's to prove something about the plan and why the CP is key to test it, or something like that. Can someone elaborate on consult CP theory on the aff, and neg answers to those arguments? Thanks!
  6. Novice 1: What's the status of your counterplan? Novice 2: uhh....the status quo?
  7. Could you elaborate more on each of these theory arguments? Maybe post shells?And what is a solvency advocate and normal means? Thanks!
  8. dancon25, on 14 May 2013 - 11:42 PM, said: Could I get these cards please? Thanks!
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