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  1. What's the link story on the bond markets DA?
  2. Does anyone have good answers on the bond markets DA?
  3. What would a plan text be like for a consult CP? Would it be something like <do the aff> with a binding consultation with <actor>? Under this instance, it would be not textually competitive, but are all consult CP's not textually competitive?
  4. This thing is worth it for $6. There is super up-to-date evidence, and most of the cards are highlighted too! I would've paid $30 for this.
  5. Impact

    A/t: Buddhism K

    Does anyone have a good a/t: buddhism k block? I will be willing to trade.
  6. I started making cutting a sunset CP (do the plan but with a review in a few years to see if the plan should be continued, altered, or ended). I heard it's a net benefit to politics, but I couldn't find good evidence on why it doesn't link into politics. I have some net benefits to the CP that I'm willing to trade for a card that the CP doesn't link into politics.
  7. I'm thinking of running the cap K, and I've heard indicts against the neg that "prefer our evidence because the neg authors are still capitalist because they sell their writings and books for their own profit." How would I answer this?
  8. Impact

    Intrinsic Da

    What does it mean when a DA is intrinsic? (Particularly a politics DA)? Thanks.
  9. Nowadays, do you ask if the alt to a k solves the case? I have seen many debaters do this in the cross-ex of debates, but are you supposed to do this? The alt isn't a stable policy option, it shouldn't have to solve for the case. It just solves for the harms of the k. And why do people ask for the status of the k? I understand the alt is sort of like a policy option different from the squo, but it's still not a stable policy option.
  10. If you run a DA and they link/impact turn it, can you just read a card saying that the DA is non-unique to kick out of it? (i.e.: Uniqueness--Obama has enough PC to reach deal on debt ceiling Link---Plan decreases Obama's PC Impact--Failure to pass the debt ceiling will lead to global econ decline And you read that the debt ceiling will not pass in the 2NR to kick out of a turn on the DA)
  11. What's the argument that winners win for politics? Is it saying that the passage of any plan will be perceived as a "win," so it allows more plans to be passed?
  12. I'm sorry I'm asking for so many analytics. Thanks for everyone who answered and Nathan Debate is right--I should try making more analytics on my own. But what does it mean when Romney will roll back EPA CO2 regulations? And how will this lead to extinction?
  13. Also, what kind of analytics can you make against Elections?
  14. What kind of analytics can you make against Cap K?
  15. How does Jackson Vanik piss off Russia? And when, if ever, are we going to repeal it?
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