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  1. how do you approach making a K in the 1nc then making it a PIK in the block? how will the 1NC look diferent from the K to the PIK? what do i include to make it a PIK in the block? (the argument would be an apoc reps K in the 1nc then a apoc pik in block) i might just be lost but any explanation would help. Thanks !!!!
  2. hey i made an apoc pic and i need someone to look over it,please post on this form "pm me" and i will pm you with me email so i can send you the pic.i have AT most of the stuff i think i will need and i have revised it a couple times but i need some peer advice. thanks
  3. ya i am aware there are cards out there i am having a hard time finding those cards. and i understand most of the time it is a card less arg.i just want to impact it allot heavier and make it a much stronger arg.and i feel like cards would do the trick.if it helps what i am looking for i just cut one a second ago and the tag was "Rhetoric is not only an important tool of communication that is key to expression but breaking away from it allows acts of physical violence to break out."
  4. hey i need some cards that i have been having trouble getting a hold of. i need it to go along the line of "severing rhetoric bad" and impacts for it would be good as well(education fairness ect...)
  5. hey i made a Apocalyptic rhetoric PIK and need someone to go threw it and tell me what needs improved on as well as stuff i NEED to have in the file.PM me if interested thanks
  6. teddxxx111

    Pik Vs K

    what would a pik text look like? like lets say the aff was hsr
  7. teddxxx111

    Pik Vs K

    hey i an writing an apocalyptic rhetoric pik and i am a bit confused. the problem is i dont understand what the threshold is for a K vs a PIk.is there somthing a PIK should have that a K doesnt. anything hat is unique that changes the debate or even anything different at all? thanks anything help
  8. hey i need help coming up with an aff idea.the direction i want to go in hip hop pedagogy.i wanna implement performance into the aff like playing music or reading poetry but i cant think of a way to read the aff without saying "plan text are bad"or not even reading one at all.any idea would be great or help writing a plan text or pointing me i a direction would be super. Thanks
  9. Hey i was looking for some evidence that goes along the line of 1.hip hop key to liberating people. 2.music is key to dialog and voicing opinions. anything along those lines.down to trade
  10. Hey i'm looking for some K camps that happen the first half of summer.anyone know any good ones?
  11. i need a gift K.anyone down to trade pm me
  12. haha i understand the K and i understand you cant perm it i just wanted to see how others are answering it
  13. could someone explain what the gift k is?i was reading latin america forums and it came up multiple times in discussion saying it was gonna be a popular K that links to most cases. also that would be awesome if someone could hook me up with some sites to read on it and if you have a file i'm down to trade.
  14. the alt is to reject the aff and let its impacts escalate out to extinction.
  15. i was wondering around threw the other latin american topic forums and people were saying the "gift K" will link to allot of cases. what is the gift K? and does anyone know where I could get some sites or a file?an explanation would be great
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