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  1. Apologize for upvoting you, I meant to downvote you. I don't necessarily think the issue is growth, the issue is managing our resources for that growth. And I seriously doubt outlawing abortion would have any serious issue, especially since the bill that was filibustered wasnt attempting to outlaw abortion, it was attempting to outlaw abortion that is done past 24 weeks. Also western countries have nearly stagnant growth rates, the US's growth rate in 2012 was less than 1 percent http://www.photius.com/rankings/population/population_growth_rate_2013_0.html.
  2. http://www.scribd.com/doc/36429575/A-F-2003-Back-to-School (NSFW)
  3. Lol u are so funni, i lafed so hard at ur orijinul jok, u aktd as novice wen u r advanced lol
  4. I hope this is a joke, because thats retarded.
  5. Yeah I gotta admit, that was one of the funnest rounds I've debated
  6. We dropped to coppell in finals, they conceded like the entire 1nr and half of the 2ac, we just picked the wrong thing to go for in the 2nr, we went for nuclear war good and we conceded some framing cards, in hindsight we should have gone for the food production turns that they conceded and we could have won the debate. And their 2ar turns to suffering good were pretty hilarious it was "They haven't dropped a ballot the entire tournament, make them suffer, and vote them down in this round since suffering is good.
  7. Sorta Our obligation is to make the state ethical – the state is inevitability and the alternative to state ethics is the destruction of the otherSimmons 99 William Paul, current Associate Professor of Political Science at ASU, formerly at Bethany College in the Department of History and Political Science, “The Third: Levinas' theoretical move from an-archical ethics to the realm of justice and politics,†Philosophy & Social Criticism November 1, 1999 vol. 25 no. 6 Since ‘it is impossible to escape the State’, 70 Levinas insists that the state be made as ethical as possible. The world of institutions and justice must be held in check by the an-archical responsibility for the Other. Levinas calls for both an-archy and justice. Alongside the an-archical responsibility for the Other there is a place for the realm of the said, which includes ontology, justice and politics. Levinas’ thought is not apolitical as many have charged. His harsh critiques of the political realm refer to a politics unchecked by ethics. For example, in Totality and Inï¬nity, Levinas sees politics as antithetical to an ethics based on the Other. ‘The art of foreseeing war and winning it by every means – politics – is henceforth enjoined as the very exercise of reason. Politics is opposed to morality, as philosophy to naïveté.’ 71 Politics unrestrained, by necessity, totalizes the Other by reducing him or her to abstract categories. Levinas will call for a politics that is founded on ethics and not on ontology. The state must be answerable to the an-archical relationship with the Other, it must strive to maintain the exteriority of the Other. Levinasian heteronomic political thought oscillates between the saying and the said, an-archy and justice, ethics and politics. The liberal state is the concrete manifestation of this oscillation. Levinas calls for a balance between the Greek and the Judaic traditions. Neither tradition should dominate. The fundamental contradiction of our situation (and perhaps of our condition) . . . that both the hierarchy taught by Athens and the abstract and slightly anarchical ethical individualism taught by Jerusalem are simultaneously necessary in order to suppress the violence.0020Each of these principles, left to itself, only hastens the contrary of what it wants to secure.
  8. Ableism turns. Cap K, pic out of disabilities.
  9. U.S Embrago destroys US economy, and tourism doesn't cause the collapse of Communism -Schlichivik 2000
  10. Annex Venezuala Irony aff -Enslave the venezualans -Key to US economy -Key to US Hegemony -Us Hegemony solves war -Us hegemony key to stopping structural violence -Then read like Imperialsm bad stuff Idk Honestly kritikal affs are 3nxt lvl 5me And switch side debate is kinda stupid
  11. Dis thread is 3nxt lvl 5me
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