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  1. It's weird that a friend sends me a link to a "reflection" of South Dakota debate after I have been removed from it for three years... but, not surprisngly, nothing has changed. I feel like I'm coming out of South Dakota debate retirement. Most of you probably have no idea who I am... I debated for 4 years at Yankton, I am now a third year college debater at Concordia - the necessary caveat, these views are my own and are not relflective of any institution I attend or have attended. It's interesting that a Sioux Falls Lincoln debater accuses the rich history of South Dakota debate as being corrupted with politics and foolery, yes, that's probably true... but accusing as if one is innocent, well, that's a whole other problem. I could retell the many times my partner and I were bullied by several of the coaches at Lincoln (two little high school girls, really?) or the many backhanded comments and actions I received after I worked my ass off to earn my two trips to nationals... but, why is that necessary? It's not. The issue I have with the post above is it's unnecessity... if you hated debate in South Dakota so much, leave and never come back... why tarnish and trash wonderful, respectable, educators when you do it? Your retelling of tales has the usual Lincoln flourish that I'm sure every story ever told has. I'm sure your coaches and hired judges NEVER EVER played politics when they were making their decisions! I can guarantee you, that's false. Count the ballots. Petty politics, always. Your "everyone vs SFL" cry is funny to me, because my senior year, that is EXACTLY how you all wanted it. I remember state, specifically, when you all filed an official complaint in a public forum round, of all things, because a debater's phone vibrated and you said it was "unfair" .... only to hold up the tournament for 2 1/2 hours and yield no change. These are the types of "political games" that SFL has played since... forever. Nah, I'm not hatin' on SFL (although I know your entire team was bred to hate my partner and I), just pointing out a fact. Speaking of my partner - I'll defend her real quick. She and I had long conversations about the round, actually, because it upset her, it was a hard decision for her... but ultimately... she probably made the right one. She's one of the greatest minds SD debate has ever seen... respect goes a longgg way (especially because she was given NO respect by ANYONE from your team when she was a competitor... and I'm sure nothing has changed since she started judging debates). Now, I agree with you on many of your points... yes, South Dakota should break bigger pools, yes, disclosure is a good thing, yes, out of state travel should not be a dirty idea, yes, SDHSAA rules are ridiculous.... but why are those reasons to renounce the activity and the community that even gave you the OPPORTUNITY in the first place to compete at TOC tournaments, to compete at all. You have to look at the positives at least sometimes. You say you got to the TOC "without the help" of South Dakota debate - you're wrong. You're dead wrong. I do, however, want to address your reiteration of the Southern District Qualifying tournament. I, to be frank, find it DISGUSTING that you would degrade your competitors like that. Last time I checked, Jordan and Katlyn were in the semifinal round at NFLs. And you think they weren't "good enough" to beat Sioux Falls Lincoln? Reality check, man. They clearly were doing something right if they convinced countless judges from across the country that they were winning debates (and might I remind you, "out round" judges at NFLs are oftentimes some of the most highly preffed judges in the country). Have a little respect for your PEERS. Debaters are few and far between, we're weirdos... we have to stick together. Dragging your competitors names through the mud makes you look petty and childish. Grow up. Your disprespect for coaches is also deplorable. Travis Dahle is probably one of the most fair and wonderful people I've ever had the pleasure of knowing and being educated by... ya know bud, I'm sorry you lost, but eventually, you gotta own up to it... it's not always the judge's fault. (And I'm a debater, too. It took me a really long time to come to terms with the fact that yes, I can in fact lose debates). Now, I have no idea about the specifics of some of your complaints - so I'm not going to address them, but I did feel the need to address the overarching tone of your post... disrespectful, childish, and a bit pathetic, given you've graduated. I see that you plan on attending UMKC...great coaches, great debaters, hopefully we can have a conversation about this... I'm always pro-dialogue, and I'm pretty sure I'll be competing at the UMKC college tournament (if you're debating, that is). And just a quick note on the bottom - I'm open to talking to any South Dakota debater, at any time, about anything (especially debating in college - it's the best choice I ever made). I loved my South Dakota debate career, it gave me so much, it gave me the tools necessary to go to the NDT in college, and win speaker awards at countless college tournaments. It opened up a door to something I've dedicated my life to. It makes me really sad when people blatantly disrepespect such a valuable activity, that's really the only reason I felt compelled to post on a high school debate forum. I'm not looking to fight. I'm not looking to argue. I'm not trying to hurt anyone's feelings or trying to attack anyone. Talk to me personally if you have beef with me or what I said. People probably do. Que sera sera. Best, Emily
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