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  1. For anyone running the port security aff, where did you guys cut answers to the de Rugy neg evidence? Specifically I'm trying to find take outs to the Portwide Risk Mitigation and Management Counterplan... not finding much lit :\ Any tips on where to look would be much appreciated Thanks
  2. Thanks for the input! Good point about the K's... I'm really into running femme (Butler in particular), so I'll research the Disabilities AC That'd be great if we could email about that aff
  3. Hi debaters! I'm thinking of writing an aff based around Judith Butler's Gender Troubles (basic idea- gender norms exist that tell men and women how to act and what to do, + we ought to disrupt them). The plan would be to build something to help women using only women. The link to Gender Troubles is that women are excluded from the construction industry and there's a social norm of the big strong men building things/running the transit. My two questions are: 1. Is it okay topicality-wise to specify what labor force I'm going to use? As in, is it OK to say in the 1AC that I'm using all women or mostly women 2. Is anyone aware of any possible transportation plans that would benefit women and fit under Gender Troubles? Thanks!
  4. Derpderp

    Empire K

    Great! Thanks! Any idea where to look for a general transpo link? If they run heg im set, but... Always nice to have multiple outs
  5. Derpderp

    Empire K

    Hey everyone! I'm thinking of writing an Empire kritik on the Transportation Infrastructure topic and was wondering if anyone thinks this is feasible/has done this/would know somewhere to start Any help/advice is appreciated! Really just looking for input Thanks
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