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  1. lol dont start with being and time.... http://www.amazon.com/Heidegger-An-Introduction-Richard-Polt/dp/0801485649
  2. ITT: the Heidegger gurus of cross-ex weigh in :/
  3. sfa brown-estrada is being subbed in as estrada-estrada btw
  4. any idea when we'll get a packet?
  5. aka "nazi k" EDIT "Schmitt presented himself as a radical anti-semite and also was the chairman of a law teachers' convention inBerlin in October 1936,[16] where he demanded that German law be cleansed of the "Jewish spirit" ("jüdischem Geist"), going so far as to demand that all publications by Jewish scientists should henceforth be marked with a small symbol." idgaf about negative rep - imo it's fundamentally offensive that anyone would read arguments by him
  6. lol http://hspolicy.debatecoaches.org/bin/Greenhill/Jaramillo-Daftary+Aff Bayh-Dole
  7. yall also realize morales won the NDT 3 2 times....
  8. people on this website are so lazy. YOU HAVE ALL SUMMER. FUCKING DO WORK
  9. i feared the recent NK missile scare not for my own mortality, but because i was in charge of cutting updates to our guam neg
  10. "But we were totally ahead on the roll of the ballot!" because thats all that matters
  11. Pennyfeather

    Process K

    how would you craft this k into an adv? i'm most familiar with the way UT runs the arg so i might be missing something
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