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    Alt Causality?

    What does it mean there is an Alt Causality to something else? For example, when someone says Alt Causality to Econ as neg, what does that mean and what argument is he making? Thanks in advance for the clarification!
  2. ixens

    Oil And Cotton Da

    I was just doing a Bering strait neg on top of other school stuff so i was just looking for some advice...I didnt really know what the Cotton DA was at all, all I was assigned was 'Make answers to the Cotton DA." So far I've never encountered the Oil DA so i didnt really know what I should be doing, but thanks anyways.
  3. Hey guys, I am just wondering If you guys could go over the oil and cotton DA and some arguments I could potentially use against it. I would normally do it myself, but I am pressed for time. Our team adviser assigned us the assignments today and the tournament is on Friday, so any help would be appreciated!
  4. ixens

    Reverse Casual?

    What does reverse causal mean? Lets say it is in the context of the aff saying the link is not reverse causal (idk if iam using it right, i saw it in a debate) EDIT: sorry typo fixed
  5. Is the file on Evazon updated with all those points? I'm probably gonna buy it because it sounds pretty cool and unique Just to clarify, what is/can be the net benefit?
  6. Wow that was really insightful +rep. I definetly have to look more into how i should word the plan text. I dont know if there is a specific grant program that i could narrow it down to, is it ok if there isnt one?
  7. Yea i live near the Bay Area, and there are plenty of tournaments near by, but my peers say the other far away tournaments are considered "better" and more fun. Is there a difference in rep or does it not matter?
  8. lol sorry, bad example, i meant any far away tournament in general
  9. Do u think its worth going to East coast tournament invitationals like glenbrooks? What do you get out from that, that you cant get out from Stanford or Berkeley? About how much do u guys pay for it?
  10. But that would only be true the first time u run it against them right? ^ After that wouldnt they prep for the argument? My point is, shouldnt u pick the better argument, not one that they may or may not be ready for?
  11. ok so i would make the aff improve like the storage of water, recycling the water, and improving the pipelines that transport water to a home (sounds like the only topical point) A sample plan text would be: THE UNITED STATES FEDERAL GOVERNEMENT SHOULD FOCUS ON THE REDUCTION, REGENERATION, AND SUBSITUTION OF WATER BY REPLACING AND UPGRADING CURRENT WATER TRANSPORTATION INFASTRUCTURE
  12. What do u mean by that? Like showing how case outweighs, or has better access to solvency?
  13. Could one of you guys link/send a sample 2AC argument u used against a Kritik? It doesn't have to be one on the infrastructure topic, I just want to get a feel of how a 2AC against a K would look like and I think the best way to learn would be to actually see one.
  14. Do you think an aff based on this would be topical? If you answer yes, do u have any definitions I could borrow?
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