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  1. Please explain how this card says "There is no impact to the Biowpoer Kritik"- I don't understand the connection Liberal government solves—biopower must be combined with a concept of racial sovereignty to cause their impacts Dean, 04 – professor of sociology at the University of Newcastle (Mitchell, “Four Theses on the Powers of Life and Death,†Contretemps 5, December 2004, http://sydney.edu.au/contretemps/5december2004/dean.pdf)//HK Second Thesis: It is not merely the succession or addition of the modern powers over life to the ancient right of death but their very combination within modern states that is of significance. How these powers are combined accounts for whether they are malign or benign. According to this view, it is not the moment that life became a political object in the eighteenth century that defined the disturbing features of modern states. Rather, the different ways in which bio-politics is combined with sovereign power decide their character. Certain passages from Foucaultʼs lectures and from the History of Sexuality can be interpreted in this way. In a passage from the latter, Foucault shows that the genocidal character of National Socialism did not simply arise from its extension of bio-power.16 Nazism was concerned with the total administration of the life, of the family, of marriage, procreation, education and with the intensification of disciplinary micro-powers. But it articulated this with another set of features concerned with “the oneiric exaltation of a superior blood,†of fatherland, and of the triumph of the race. In other words, if we are to understand how the most dramatic forces of life and death were unleashed in the twentieth century, we have to understand how bio-power was articulated with elements of sovereignty and its symbolics. Pace Bauman, it is not simply the development of instrumental rationality in the form of modern bio-power, or a bureaucratic power applied to life that makes the Holocaust possible. It is the system of linkages, re-codings and re-inscriptions of sovereign notions of fatherland, territory, and blood within the new bio-political discourses of eugenics and racial hygiene that makes the unthinkable thinkable. The fact that all modern states must articulate elements of sovereignty with bio-politics Contretemps 5, December 2004 21 also allows for a virtuous combination. The virtue of liberal and democratic forms of government is that they deploy two instruments to check the unfettered imperatives of bio-power, one drawn from political economy and the other from sovereignty itself.17 Liberalism seeks to review the imperative to govern too much by pointing to the quasinatural processes of the market or of the exchanges of commercial society that are external to government. To govern economically means to govern through economic and other social processes external to government and also to govern in an efficient, cost-effective way. Liberalism also invokes the freedom and rights of a new subject—the sovereign individual. By ʻgoverning through freedomʼ and in relation to freedom, advanced liberal democracies are able to differentiate their bio-politics from that of modern totalitarian states and older police states.
  2. Carissa

    A2: A- Spec

    There are tons of file out there for the Neg on A-Spec, but as the aff how can you properly answer this argument? Usually the neg just drops the argument, but what if they don't? I feel like this would be an idiotic arguemnt to lose to, so is there any EVIDENCE or AMAZING theory argumetns I can read in the 2a?
  3. Carissa

    Fasching '93

    From what I understand, Realsim Bad" or "Realism Good" are the srgumetns of viewing the SQ and whether or not we should except them. Concerning Fasching, he makes the decision to move forward in society claiming the SQ to be flawed; however, as the neg I guess you can argue "realism Bad". But I haven't found specific cards on this- still working on that!
  4. Carissa

    Fasching '93

    Could you please elaborate on The other Other- Derrida. I've yet to come across this argument, what's the premises?
  5. Carissa

    Fasching '93

    Can someone please explain the theises behind Fasching's Comparative Religious Ethics: A Narrative Approach? Also, I've ran into a few affiramtive's with Fasching evidence claiming to solve accessabilty- what would be a good neg strat considering it's disabilities yet not the common dossability aff we've seen this year? thanks
  6. My partner and I competed in UIL States last year (Texas) and yeah it's all centered around Stock issues. The main thing we hit was the funding and timeframe arguemnts. As long as you pre-block out these arguments I see no problem for your competition! And good luck to you!
  7. I run impact turns and the K on different flows because the K is conditional. Basically if I ever kick the K I still have the impact turns in "another world" I can claim- it's just to save my own butt really.
  8. The alt to Schop is to vote on the precautionary principle (that people- if given the option- would prefer life to death). I've actually received multiple positive ballots on running this Kritik because judges are bored with the typical Cap K and reward those who try to venture out (again, this is just my experience). Also, just to clarify.. Schop does NOT advocate suicide. Schop actually claims suicide to be "the worse crime a human may commit". When the 2a bashes suicide the neg has an easy win because you just read the block against it ( saying Schop doesn't advocate suicide rather just advocates the precautionary principle). The impact turns really win judges over though so always try to add those in. I prefer Schop to wipeout as well
  9. I run Schop K with Impact Turns (mostly extinction good). Usually my oppents will argue "suicide bad" in the 2a meaning my partner simply reads the suicide block and claims to"advocate extinction". We haven't lost with this strat yet, so I highly reccomend.
  10. The morning of, cut a few economy cards. Updated Econ cards will save you.
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