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  1. An Alt. Justification case is one which contains multiple plans. At the end of the round the affirmative team can drop any of the cases and simply talk about the plan they are winning. The structure is often harm, plan, advantage, harm, plan advantage, harm, plan, advantage. Often times, the cases can be completely contradictory. Each plan in an AJAC 1AC can be run without the others. This case is used to prove the resolution true in many cases.
  2. Hey, what are some general substantially t definitions that aren't unrealistic? Any definitions, not specific to the resolution would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  3. What are your thoughts on passing the bill? Possible negative arguments? Good aff strategies? Numbers and arguments to support the aff and help with impact calculus?
  4. Hey, what are some general warrants/reasons to justify running an AJAC case. And convincing arguments for lay/parents judges. Also, what are some second line responses to possible neg responses and arguments? Any theory files about AJAC cases good/bad would be helpful too. Thanks.
  5. Hey, so I am very familiar with the typical 5 point refutation strategy... (1. Direct Denials or Direct Refutation [They say black, we say white] 2. Challenge the Relevance of the opposition’s claim to the issue being debated 3. Attack the Warrants or reasons stated for the claim 4. Attack the Evidence or Proof used to support the claim 5. Turning claims, warrants or proof) I use this strategy in most rounds and it has seemed to be pretty effective. However, I'm looking to see what strategies you like to employ.for refutation in the 1AR. What do you think the most effective and short refutation strategy is? Especially in the 1AR with such a limited amount of time.
  6. Hey Guys, so I'm debating in a different league, and the resolution, is: "Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially reform its marine natural resource policies." I know like 10 years ago this was a resolution in NFL, so many of you probably don't know much about it however, I'd guess some of you have some knowledge on the general topic. Let me know what you think are some possible cases, maybe possible negs. Generics DA's and briefs I should write up. And any background knowledge. Any of this would be extremely beneficial. Oh, and if you have some backfiles you could send me, that'd be great. Thanks
  7. Hey guys, I'm working on a research report, and I know back in Military year there was a case to clean up Depleted Uranium in Iraq. Do any of you have backfiles you'd be willing to send my way? If you could email them to me at: kylerogersmusic365@gmail.com, that'd be great.
  8. Did anyone record the final policy debate round at the Natl. Championship 2012?
  9. Awesome! I'll definitely look into it!
  10. Um.. this guy died in 1929... 1) Way too old... 2) Bad card 3) Don't use it. My grandpa wasn't even alive in 1894...
  11. What do you feel should be included in a Kritik that will win you the round? How can you magnify a Kritik to give it top impact and priority for the judge?
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